Burning Man Represents at SXSW 2015

SXSW — maybe you've heard of it?
SXSW — maybe you’ve heard of it?

Ever since SXSW was a small gathering of creative types back in the day, we’ve sent folks from BMHQ down to Austin to participate. Over the years, we’ve hosted (or were on) a number of panels, held some workshops, and did a heck of a lot of connecting with like-minded people. And it’s funny … one of the most common questions we get is why we’re there. Why would Burning Man do SXSW?

Well, during our 25+ years of producing Burning Man, we’ve learned a thing or two about collaborative creation, participation-driven cities, inspiring creativity, creating crucibles for innovation, alternative socioeconomic models — things that we’re as eager to share with the broader creative community as they are to hear it. So for us, it’s as much about skill sharing as learning and community engagement.

So … that said, we’re happy to once again be sending a small contingent from Burning Man HQ to participate in SXSWi this year.

Rosie von Lila has put together a pretty impressive group of panelists to discuss participatory cities on March 14, and Burning Man Founder and CEO Marian Goodell will be on a panel about creating a space for social good on March 15.

We’ve also coordinated a couple Burner meet-ups, one for Austin Burners on March 14, and another for SXSW badge-holders on March 15. Details below … and if you’re in Austin during SXSW, we hope to see you!

Panel: Participatory Cities: Inspiring Access and Action
Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB, 500 E Cesar Chavez St.
Sat, Mar 14, 12:30-1:30pm

Panel: Sandbox Stories, Creating a Space for Social Good
Burning Man Founder & CEO Marian Goodell, panelist
Sun, Mar 15, 9:30-10:30am
Austin City Hall, Council Chambers, 301 W 2nd St

Badge Holder Meetup: SXSW Burning Man Meetup
Sun, Mar 15, 5-6pm
JW Marriott, Room 508, 110 E 2nd St (SXSW badge required)

Public Meetup for Austin Burners and Wannabe Burners (please spread widely!)
Friends in Austin! Please join folks from Burning Man HQ for an informal Austin Burners (and wannabe Burners) meet-up — come say hi and shoot the breeze. We’ll be in the back yard of Justine’s, just far enough away from the SXSW craziness. We’d love to see you!
Saturday, March 14, 5:30 pm
Justine’s Brasserie
4710 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702
(512) 385-2900

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5 Comments on “Burning Man Represents at SXSW 2015

  • Jasmine says:

    >…group of panelists to discuss participatory cities

    Sharing the Burning Man ethos, that’s wonderful. Teaching event organizers how to produce events with the free labor model. “Participatory” means, other people’s labor. The profits go to the organizations. Very little overhead compared to non-participatory events, it’s brilliant. Spread the word!

    The only thing the organizers really need to do is to call the event ‘counter cultural’ and also (important) vaguely spiritual. People will jump through so many hoops to put their blood sweat and tears into such a gathering, for free – in fact, they’ll pay to do it and pay a LOT of money.

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    • Everything about SXSW is for profit. Maybe some of the smaller artistic things are genuine, but it’s not likely.

      I registered through STEP for a ticket (shortly after crushing a midterm) and I’m ready to enjoy a few days off.

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  • Buying a badge for to see e panel is more than going to actual Burning Man, depending on how big or small one does that little camping trip.

    Many of us who unfortunately live in Austin avoid downtown, or know where to find the free shit. Other than one free bike-related event, I okan to avoid SXSW and downtown.

    Last year there was an “open to non badge holders” event, but it had e typical Austin hostility and cliquishness. I couldn’t find anyone other than some hipster regional people, so I left.

    Contrary to my complaining, I remain positive. Maybe this year’s “open to people who don’t have $1700 for a badge” will be better.

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  • Kara Yu says:

    Don’t forget the art projects that make it to SXSW too!

    Dr. Brainlove is an interactive bus-sized jungle gym in the shape of a brain. It’s made it on the playa for the first time in 2014 and three of the scientists that built it are talking about how they made such a huge art car in just 3 months.

    Their panel is Saturday at 5pm. I hope you’ll make it to see them talk!

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  • Scoeman says:

    10 principles might be good for my city Austin

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