Becoming Playable

I wasn’t a Burner my first day at Burning Man or my second.

I wasn’t a Burner until my third day.

Wasn’t a Burner until I decided that I wanted to be the performer dancing for the crowd.

Wasn’t a Burner until I went to the Temple and cried as I let go of my self-hate, my insecurities, my anxieties.

Wasn’t a Burner until after writing on the Temple wall and growing I decided to gift the marker that had been gifted to me to a tattooed, bad-ass looking-mother-fucker, sitting outside the Temple.

Wasn’t a Burner until when I handed him the marker he looked up at me and started crying. And I sat and I heard his story, his pain and struggle. And I took a little of that struggle off his back with an open ear and a firm hug.

Wasn’t a Burner until I realized that with the tiniest act, I could change the world.

I’m a Burner now. I know where True Home is but I try my best to make everywhere I am Home, one open ear and firm hug at a time.

by Cosmic Trooper

About the author: Tales From the Playa

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2 Comments on “Becoming Playable

  • Micro Kitty says:

    I wasn’t a Burner until I got my Playa name gifted to me. I was just hanging out and feeling kind of alone, then I met a woman and we hit it off. It was one of the best experiences of my life and something I always dreamed Burning Man could be like. Then a guy came up to us and was really nice, and then he asked me to take the thing I had in her ass out. I told him Burning Man is a place where no one tells you to take that thing out of her ass. And he had a moment and we all had a moment, and we realized how beautiful the experience was while we were actually having it. This mysterious man called me friend, and my playa name became ‘friend’.

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  • Hiccup says:

    >…and cried as I let go of my self-hate, my insecurities, my anxieties.

    I found them for you, and now all I want to do is kill God.

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