Gate, Perimeter & Exodus: You Are Invited

Danger Ranger was the first to draw a line in the dust, and he announced that across that line, everything would be different. Today, there is still a line that separates the default world from Black Rock City, and it’s active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are Gate, Perimeter & Exodus.

All BRC citizens will have first encountered us, had their car searched and their tickets torn, but so often that memory dissolves before they reach the Greeter stations about two miles farther down Gate road. Some of you reading this may have just remembered that we’re not the same as Greeters. That’s okay, we actually like being able to disappear from your memory like that. Next time though, keep an eye out for us. We’re dressed in black, working tirelessly around the clock so this temporary city can exist, and doing it miles outside the Perimeter, away from the lights, music, cameras, and action.

We are a huge and very busy department, working day and night in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. To try and summarize what almost two dozen sub-departments are doing is impossible, but whether it’s processing arrivals at Gate, scanning the Perimeter for unannounced guests, pulsing everybody out of the city at the end of the week, or any of the jobs connecting these tasks, we’re doing it before you arrive and still doing it after you leave.

If you’re looking for a different kind of way to get involved in Black Rock City’s future, and you want to help make everyone’s journeys safer, consider volunteering with us.

Though we may sometimes wear the make up, actual clowns need not apply.

We have comprehensive training for every area. Training takes place on playa, during the event.

Work three shifts to earn a department shirt! (Other perks may or may not exist)

You must have visited Burning Man at least once before, and you must have your own ticket to join GP&E.

If you are interested, please:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “Participations Forms” in the header bar
  3. Click “Volunteer Questionnaire”
  4. Fill out the form, remembering to select Gate, Perimeter & Exodus as where you would like to volunteer

10 Comments on “Gate, Perimeter & Exodus: You Are Invited

  • Jay Dobbins says:


    I am seriously interested in helping out with this. I live in Santa Cruz CA and 9.75/10 people I know are going this year and I was unable to get tickets for a number of reasons. I’ll do anything to make it to the Playa. Let me know what I need to do in order to make the cut!!!

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    • Damnimal says:

      Not to be a dixk, but: “You must have visited Burning Man at least once before, and you must have your own ticket to join GP&E.”

      Score a ticket and I’m sure you can find a place in the black.

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  • NotIt says:


    as far as I know it doesn’t work like that. it’s not about getting, it is about giving. i could be wrong though, just sharing my experience from the past few years. good luck.

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  • Camille says:

    I would be happy to volunteer for a time when I know my invited virgins will be arriving and or for gate opening ( I will be there early) Please let me know if a particular day & time is appropriate.

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    • Permit says:

      You’re getting GATE confused with greeters.

      Gate checks your ticket, checks your vehicle pass, checks your car for stowaways and sends you on your way.
      We are coldly efficient in our task and honestly don’t have time for ringing bells or other similar nonsense.
      We also run 4-6 lanes of incoming cars (after opening), D lot, and will call. Unless your virgins have early entry passes then your chances of actually seeing them while you’re working a gate shift is fairly infinitesimal.
      (how the hell am I the brutal one in this comment compared to Safety Sally?)
      That said….come take the black.

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  • Safety Sally says:

    Dearest Camille,

    If you are interested, please:

    Log in to profiles.burningman.comClick “Participations Forms” in the header barFill out the form, remembering to select Gate, Perimeter & Exodus as where you would like to volunteer

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  • Kitt says:

    Just a word of advice. Keep an eye on your belongings during the inspection at the gate. There’s no reason for gate crew to object to you keeping an eye on them during the inspection. If one of the crew asks you to walk to the front of the vehicle while the inspection is happening, just ignore them and stand your ground.

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    • Permit says:

      I’m not sure what you think we’re going to take while we’re inspecting your RV that has 5 bikes and all your camping gear.
      I mean we’re out in the dust for 6 hours at a stretch trying to process as many cars as possible while looking for stowaways. I’m sure someone would notice if someone started collecting a pile of “swag” at their feet.
      If someone from GATE asked you to go to the front of your vehicle then it was probably because you were impeding them from doing a proper search. (honestly we want you with us anyway so that you can open access hatches/panels/doors and the like)

      But hey, there is a solution here. Ask for a shift lead. Trust me, we’ll get them.
      You might have to go to D lot so the line can keep moving, but if you think we’re trying to rob you there are people up the chain you can talk to about it.

      (and we’re not trying to rob you)

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      • Kitt says:

        Great! Then you have no problem with ticket holders keeping an eye on their belongings during inspection, because Gate doesn’t steal anything ever.

        For me, I was at the back of my box truck watching the inspection (not blocking traffic at all) and was asked to walk up to the cab of the vehicle. How trusting of me. When I opened up my rig at camp, several bottles of top shelf booze that were in plain sight were gone.

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  • steve sole says:

    I would love to come take some aerial views of Burning Man from our environmentally friendly, safe helium balloon with remote control camera!


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