2016 Burning Man Ticket Transfer Tool Opens April 27

The self-serve Ticket Transfer tool opens for 2016 on April 27. Through your Ticketfly account, you can assign a ticket or vehicle pass to a specific person. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Eligible items: $390 tickets, $990 tickets, Leonardo da Vinci Art Tickets, and $80 vehicle passes
  • Eligible orders: any which haven’t yet entered the shipping process
  • Each item in your order can be assigned to different people
  • Using Ticket Transfer eliminates the need for any other name change requests or ownership transfer paperwork at the Box Office
  • If you split up the items in your order, the items transferred to additional people default to Will Call pick up from the Box Office of the event. The new owner can email ticketsupport@burningman.org to arrange payment for a shipping upgrade if needed.
  • It’s more secure for recipients — transfers are one-way, and once transferred, the recipient is the new owner of the item. The recipient can transfer items on to others as well.

Happy transferring! You can find full details and instructions here.

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