SPOILER ALERT: 2016 Playa Artists Show Their Stuff at the Desert Arts Preview

Can’t wait one more month to see what artistic wonders the playa has in store? We know the feeling. For those who can’t resist, there’s the Desert Arts Preview, a live event in the springtime where some of the artists bringing their work to the upcoming Burn share their projects, their processes, and their hopes. We’ve got videos of all the DAP 2016 presentations for your surprise-spoiling pleasure. Want to be that person in your crew who already knows everything about the art? Study up here. (Here are all the videos in one YouTube playlist)

Kim Cook

Kim Cook, Director Arts and Civic Engagement for Burning Man, sums up the Desert Arts Preview.

The Temple

David Best and his crew describe the Temple for 2016.

Le Attrata

Margaret Long and her collaborators describe their project.

Sonic Runway

Rob Jensen describes his project.


Christopher Schardt describes his project.

Ursa Major

Mr & Mrs Ferguson describe their project.

Inside the Mind of daVinci

Twinkely Dots and Mischell Riley describe their project.

The Adventure Vending Machine

Rick Rothbart and his collaborators describe their project.

Shrumen Lumen

The Foldhaus Collective describe their project.

Ascension | Rising in Love

Jeremy Richardson describes his project.


Kate Greenberg describes her project.


Kate Raudenbush describes Helios.

Black Rock Lighthouse Service

The artists behind the Black Rock Lighthouse Service describe their project.

Koi Pond

JoeJoe Martin and the artists behind the Koi Pond describe their project.


Tomas McCabe introduces a video on the Valencia Spain Las Fallas festival and artist collaboration.

Top image: Black Rock Lighthouse Service (Rendering by Elizabeth Marley)

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Jon Mitchell

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