Burner Express Bus Plus Tickets on Sale Wednesday, June 14

In our ongoing effort to reduce car traffic to the event and encourage alternative transportation, we’re selling 1,000 Burner Express Bus Plus tickets beginning June 14 at 12 pm (noon) Pacific Time. Burner Express Bus Plus tickets include the option to buy a $425 ticket to the event.

If you want to take Burner Express Bus to Black Rock City and haven’t already purchased an event ticket this is your chance! You can buy a Burner Express Bus Plus ticket by logging into your Burner Profile and clicking a link that will appear at 12 (noon) Pacific Time. If you have already purchased Burning Man tickets, you will not be able to purchase another event ticket via the Burner Express Bus Plus sale.

Once you purchase your Burner Express Bus Plus ticket, you will receive a payment link via email for your Burning Man event ticket. You will need to pay for your Burning Man ticket before July 19 at 12pm (noon) PDT. You’ll pick it up at the point of embarkation in San Francisco or Reno when you check in for your bus.

That’s worth repeating: Burner Express Bus Plus is a Burner Express Bus ticket plus an opportunity to buy a $425 (plus fees and taxes) Burning Man event ticket for your use in conjunction with your bus ticket. The event ticket is only valid if you ride the Burner Express Bus — you cannot use the ticket to enter Black Rock City via any other method of transportation.

Important tip: Burner Express Bus Plus tickets only allow for entry into BRC on Monday, Aug. 28 through Thursday, Aug. 31. You won’t be able to use a BxB+ ticket to arrive any time before Monday.  Once you’ve got your Burner Express Bus Plus ticket, visit the Burner Express Bus website on June 15 or after to book your return trip, bike ticket and luggage and water add ons.

If you have additional questions about Burner Express Bus Plus tickets, please see the Ticket Support page. (Don’t email ticketing! Do what the page says!)

Already have a ticket? You can still take the Burner Express Bus! 

If you already have a Burning Man ticket (or expect to get one before the event)  you can still book a trip on Burner Express Bus with departures from downtown San Francisco and Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Black Rock City  from  Saturday, August 26 through Thursday, August 31.

New for 2017: Since last year was a resounding success, we will offer water sales and entry on Saturday pre-event without a Work Access Pass again.

Burner Express Bus tickets can be purchased on the Burner Express website. You must have a valid Burning Man ticket, Will Call confirmation number, or other valid entry credential to board a Burner Express Bus. A Burner Express bus ticket alone will not allow you to enter Black Rock City.

Pro tips:

  • Plan ahead and read everything. This will prevent mistakes when moving through the purchase process.
  • Watch out for auto-fill! Especially if you are buying the ticket for someone else! Double check that the name on the ticket is the correct name before checking out.
  • Only one Burner Express Bus Plus ticket may be purchased per customer.
  • Burner Express Bus Plus tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable. These event tickets can not be sold through STEP.

Take the time to read the FAQ before you buy your tickets. This will eliminate any questions you may have during the buying process and help your buying experience go smoothly.

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13 Comments on “Burner Express Bus Plus Tickets on Sale Wednesday, June 14

  • anon says:

    Please offer Burner Express bus service during early arrival/build week. I keep asking for this but there is never a response at all (not in the Reddit AMA, prior blog posts or direct emails). The Org has plane service during build week (with a max 25 lbs luggage–hahahahaha!) but no bus service. What gives?

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  • Lise Klitten says:

    Burner Express Bus service for the building week, please. We are doing early arrival and will love to have just 4 times in the week or what ever you can come up with. Will love it :)

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  • Pat says:

    Are the return home bus tickets transferable if we end up carpooling out with a friend? There seem to always be people looking for rides home so I figured if we change plans on timing or transport, we could gift the ticket to someone who doesn’t have a ride out. I’m sorry but I did not see this in FAQs

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  • Kelsey says:

    I’m confused; it says that no buses will be offered until monday, but then it says this:

    “New for 2017: Since last year was a resounding success, we will offer water sales and entry on Saturday pre-event without a Work Access Pass again.”

    I’m wanting to go early to help set up- will this be possible with the burner express bus or not? Thanks!

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  • D says:

    There was SO much confusion about what the Burner Express Plus ticket was.

    Here’s how you should have described it.

    *The Burner Express Plus package includes the following:*
    $100 – A 1-way ticket to Black Rock City from a departure city of your choice
    $450 – (optional) One ticket to Burning Man
    $50 – (optional) Additional luggage space on the bus (I have no idea if this is right, since I’m finding conflicting info on different pages)

    All purchases of the Burner Express Plug package include a one-way bus ticket to BRC.

    You will be able to bring 2 items of luggage. The luggage must weigh less than X lbs total (again different pages give different info). You may purchase additional luggage space for $50.

    Burning Man Ticket:
    Purchase of the Burner Express Plus package guarantees a $450 ticket to Burning Man. Purchase of this ticket is optional. You will receive an e-mail within 48 hours of purchasing your Burner Express Plus ticket with a link to pay for the BM ticket, if you wish to buy it.

    Return Trip:
    You are NOT required to purchase a return trip. Your Burner Express Plus bus ticket and BM ticket are valid without a return trip.

    Return Trips will cost $100 and go on sale mm/dd/yyyy. You can purchase them [here].

    For questions, see this more detailed FAQ, or contact us at _________.

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  • Anton says:

    Have anyone got their ticket link yet?

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  • Lorenzo says:

    Getting pretty close to hour 48 with no link for an event pass yet.

    What’s the protocol if we do not receive the link?

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  • Drew says:

    Anybody else still waiting for link to tickets?

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  • DiMee says:

    How do I go about buying my bike ticket now?

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