Visions From Dragon Burn, China’s Regional Event

Shanghai’s fourth annual Regional Burn, affectionately called Dragon Burn, took place from June 27-30, 2017 in the scenic forests of Anji, China. The event drew over 400 participants and included many new Theme Camps, a dual purpose Mutant Vehicle and mobile DJ stage, and the first ever temple, known as The Fire Lotus Temple.

Here’s a gallery of images from this year’s Burn; all photo credit to Tutu 胡堃.  Enjoy!



About the author: Namiko Uno

Namiko Uno

Namiko "Koko" Uno is the Regional Network Coordinator at Burning Man Project, where she supports a thriving network of events and activities around the world. She's made her way to San Francisco by way of Los Angeles, England, New York, and Zambia. She has an ever-expanding love of people, early mornings, and hot cups of tea.