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During our 25+ years of producing Burning Man, we’ve learned a thing or two about collaborative creation, participation-driven cities, inspiring creativity, creating crucibles for innovation, alternative socioeconomic models — things that we’re as eager to share with the broader creative community as they are to hear it. So for us, SXSW is as much about skill sharing as learning and community engagement.

Burning Man will be back at SXSWi in 2018, and we’re participating in two panels on a breadth of topics. If they sound interesting to you, our intrepid panelists would appreciate your votes! Please vote before Friday, August 25.

City Building, Creativity, & Burning Man

Every year in the Nevada desert, thousands of volunteers come together to plan, build, and dismantle Black Rock City, the home of Burning Man. This ongoing experiment in urbanism creates a context in which creativity, innovation, and celebration thrive. How is that context created, and to what extent is it mirrored in the reimagining of other cities? This panel explores how creating context through urban planning can lead to thriving creative communities and engaged citizens worldwide.


  1. What are the conditions that can be created within which creativity and innovation flourish in a city environment?
  2. What is the role that the “built environment” plays in fostering healthy social interactions and livable communities?
  3. How are urban planners increasingly using art strategies to develop cities?


  • Maud Le Floc’h, Director, Pole des Artes Urbaines
  • William Gilchrist, Director, Place Based Planning, City of New Orleans
  • Neil Takemoto, Founder, CSPM Group
  • Kim Cook , Director, Art & Civic Engagement, Burning Man


Kim Cook, Director, Art & Civic Engagment, Burning Man

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Radical cycles of creation, impact & innovation

Mortality play’s an interesting role in how we approach our day to day impact and the legacy we decide to leave behind. Similarly, innovation is being re-defined across traditional industries. Looking at how these cycles are applicable to 3 pillars of society: community, culture, and finance. This panel features impact investors using biomimicry to inform investments, how the LA’s Mayors office is looking at civic engagement for community cohesion and how Burning Man is driving social innovation.

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  1. How can non-attachment become a driver for creativity, innovation and positive impact?
  2. How is Burning Man acting as catalyst for social innovation both at their events and in the real world?
  3. How are cities enabling impact and innovation that are both helping people discover their potential and go to market strategy?


  • Jenn Sander, Global Innovation, Burning Man
  • Azita Ardakani, Partner, Honeycomb Portfolio
  • Eric Espinosa, Special Projects, LA Mayors Office


Jenn Sander, Global Innovation, Burning Man

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Thank you, and we hope to see you at SXSW 2018!

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