[Video] Emergency Services in Black Rock City

In this video, Kate Gonnella, Burning Man’s Chief of Emergency Operations, explains how to be a self-reliant badass and not take the first Sparklepony Express to Emergency Services for that pesky paper cut, blister or condom need.

“We are honored to provide care at no cost to our amazing citizens of Black Rock City. But to be honest, when we hand out band-aids for paper cuts, moleskin for blisters, or sunscreen, Tylenol, tampons, condoms, and on and on… we feel a bit like we’re betraying the event ethos,” says Kate.

“The fourth Burning Man Principle is Radical Self-reliance, and we’ve seen a sharp uptick in the numbers of people coming to Black Rock City unprepared to be Radically Self-reliant when it comes to self care.”

Watch the video below:

About the author: Jane Lyons

Jane Lyons (a.k.a Lioness) believes it takes a special kind of crazy to drive the foundation years of a Regional Burn, and she classes herself among those crazy dreamers and (over)doers who are sweating it out around the Regional Burn globe. After her first Nevada Burn in 2009, Jane spent five years knee-deep in the development of Australia's Burning Seed and its community. She built and managed Seed's Communications Team for many years, helped kickstart Melbourne Decompression and ran a range of other local events. But her Burner communities and collaborations stretch beyond the confines of her country. She helped build Temple of Transition in 2011; has worked on other big art projects on and off playa (including the Temple for Christchurch); and has run theme camps and built art at Nowhere, Kiwiburn, Burning Seed and Italian Burning Weekend. She now spends her time supporting Burning Man's Communications Team.

4 Comments on “[Video] Emergency Services in Black Rock City

  • Trigger says:

    >we’ve seen a sharp uptick in the numbers of people coming to Black Rock City unprepared to be Radically Self-reliant when it comes to self care.

    That’s what happens when you market the festival to that demographic. They come. #houseofcards

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  • M.Ali says:

    Hey ,Its is Ali .
    Next year i want to come to Burning Man festival and I would like to get more Info about it so it can be easy for me to travel am my self a Dj and Music producer ,I love God Nature all of it ,I love to come to next event ,Thanks ,God bless us all…..

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