Playa Events/WhatWhereWhen Opens for 2018 Submissions on June 27

The 2018 Playa Events Calendar opens Wednesday, June 27 at 12 pm (noon) Pacific. There are some significant changes to this year’s version, so pay attention below!

You must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile. Read that again slowly… you must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile. Gone are the days when you would need to manage separate login details just for your events.

Also, two hot new features for 2018:

  1. Save your favorite events to your own personal Playa Events calendar.
  2. Download and print your shiny new personalized calendar!

That’s right! Personalized Playa Events calendar! Just promise us you’ll still spend some time getting lost in uncharted, unscheduled territory, deal? Deal.

Does that mean we’ll be doing away with the hardcopy WhatWhereWhen? Heck no! For those of you submitting events to be published in the print guide handed out on playa, the same submission and moderation guidelines apply as in past years:

  • Only the first 1,500 events submitted to be published will make it into the print guide. Fear not! All events will be available in the online guide, and people will be able to add them to their personalized, self-printed guides.
  • Groups who submit more than a dozen events may have their total number of listings limited, so submit your events in order of priority.
  • Repeating events should utilize the ‘repeating event’ button, instead of creating duplicate entries.
  • Event descriptions for the print version are limited to 150 characters. Do not repeat your camp name, location or event time in your description, that will already be included.

Did we mention you must log in to Playa Events with your Burner Profile?

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14 Comments on “Playa Events/WhatWhereWhen Opens for 2018 Submissions on June 27

  • WHERE the event takes place is great to know! but placement tells us where we are placed … usually a week AFTER we send you our workshops. ….

    so “location” entry is often … unclear!
    and it often means people read the Playa Events book flipping constantly to the camp directory to find the event! that is pretty tricky, btw
    and thanks!
    coordinate with placement some year! maybe. kiss.

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    • Retro says:

      Actually, placement has always provided camp addresses to the What? ,Where?, When? behind the scenes and they have communicated this to Theme Camps.

      Coordination achieved!

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      • Camp lead says:

        So we should submit our events with no location, just our camp name, and assume that the playa events team will fill in the location for us once placement is announced?

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  • Paul says:

    When will the two be unified? At present, Playa Events still says that it is separate from our Burner profiles, and my Burner profile login does not work.

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  • Doug says:

    Can we double the book to 3000 entries?

    It seems that having a larger book is fitting…bigger cities had bigger phone books. 1500 theme camps and such a tiny book. Not even Cheesecake Factory skimps on the menu print…to share their extensive serving selections.

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  • Matt says:

    If placement is going to place nearly 2000 camps and a key requirement is interactivity, the book needs more than 1500 entries.

    It’s time for a larger book.
    4500-6000 entries seems right, that’s 2-3 entries/camp.

    Love the customizable guide for print and phone.

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  • Kate Marusina says:

    I noticed int he prior years that the descriptions exceeded 150 characters (With spaces or without?) Many were 260-280 characters with spaces. Could you please clarify the character constraints?

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  • Camp Lead says:

    Should we submit our events with no location, just our camp name, and assume that the playa events team will fill in the location for us once placement is announced?

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  • Dennis Little says:

    I’d like to reiterate what was mentioned earlier. Listing events without the lister knowing their address has made the guide a little less fun (and functional.) I know everyone tries to work it out, but I’ve given up on attending many an event, particularly those of smaller theme camps, simply because I couldn’t find them. I hope it’s a future goal to get the placement addresses out before the guide’s submittal date.

    Will we be able to update the online placement guide later on once the placement address is known?


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  • Gerflash says:

    Ya think folks with fast input get a leg up in the first few seconds/minutes? Zat fair? Kinda primitive, if U ask me.

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  • Your Guys says:

    Last year (2017) the event location for my event was different from the camp location, but the What Where When listed the event location as the same for the camp location. I think this was the mistake of someone on the Burning Man side of things because the online calendar for French Maid Brigade Parade still says “Location: 3 O’Clock & Esplanade”, but the What Where When listed it at the French Maid Brigade Camp, Fire & 2:45. I’m not sure how to remedy this for 2018 to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The location for the starting point of the French Maid Brigade Parade has been the same every year since its inception in 2002. If anyone has any ideas for me, please reply. Thanks!

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