Make Your Voice Heard in Our 10-Year Environmental Impact Process — Deadline August 4

Burning Man is applying for a 10-year permit with the Bureau of Land Management to ensure our future building Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert, and we need your help!

The Environmental Impact Statement process examines a range of issues and how they affect the environment, the surrounding communities and the government’s ability to manage the Special Recreation Permit that Burning Man operates under. We’re asking for your supportive comments by the deadline of Saturday, August 4 at 11pm PST. We hope Burning Man has made a difference in your life and you will take a moment to send us some love.

Email is the best way to have your voice heard. Send your message to and include “Burning Man SRP EIS Comments” in the subject line.

You can write a general message of support for the event and our community, but substantive comments are the most helpful to the EIS process. Key areas of interest in the EIS process include:

  • Health and safety at the event, including determining appropriate law enforcement presence
  • Federal costs for administering the permit
  • Leave No Trace and how we work with local communities
  • The socio-economic impact of the event on Northern Nevada

Your advocacy is essential in this process. The deadline for emailing your comments is Saturday, August 4 at 11pm PST, so please send the Bureau of Land Management a message right this minute!

(Top photo by John Stephen Chandler)

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