MOOP MAP 2018: Day 1 – Welcome To Resto

So here it is, Day 1 of Playa Restoration’s 2018 MOOP MAP! Brought to you by over 150 people who are at this very moment still on the Black Rock Desert supporting your Leave No Trace effort by making sure that the playa is left clean, and beautiful, and without a trace!

As always, the MOOP MAP is a work in progress and a final hi-res version will be made available only after we’ve completed our work on playa, reviewed all of our data, and verified that all of the Theme Camps are in their final correct placement.

If you are the official leader/contact of a theme camp and would like to request a MOOP Report you can do so by filling out a MOOP Report Request Form.

MOOP MAP 2018 Day 1 : Monday, September 17, 2018

Total Crew on Playa: 155

City Grid Blocks Completed: 1:45 to 7:00 HI, IJ, JK, KL

Location: Black Rock City, NV

Weather: Sunny, clear

Temperature: 82°/35°

Wind: 0 – 12 mph

The First Line-Up of the Season

LINE SWEEP 1.(noun) Also known as “Moop Sweeps,” a quick and efficient cleanup method utilizing numbers of people spread out arm’s width apart and walking forward in a line formation for picking up matter out of place across targeted stretches of land. Sentence: “All right gang, let’s get a line sweep together and clean up the camp!”

LINE SWEEP 2.(verb) Picking up matter out of place in line formation. Sentence: “Round up the campmates and line sweep across the area!”


The Line Boss: “Starchild”

The Moop Scribe: “Your Sister”

The Oscillator: “Le Wrench”

The Bus Driver: “Be-Rad!”

The Potty Driver: “Kallisti Dawn”


The Line Boss: “Deacon”

The Moop Scribe: “Lucky Charms”

The Oscillator: “Brother Taco”

The Bus Driver: “Pyro”

The Potty Driver: “Daddy-Yo”


The Line Boss: “F’n Andy”

The Scribe: “Belledozer”

The Oscillator: “The Maxx”

The Bus Driver: “Howler”

The Potty Driver: “Half-A-Taco”


The Line Boss: “John Bastard”

The Moop Scribe: “Muppet”

The Oscillator: “Juicy Jake”

The Bus Driver: “Bernie”

The Potty Driver: “Scapegoat”

And last but not least…

The Roll Caller: “Kablooey”

MOOP MAP 2018: Day 1 – Monday, September 17, 2018

About the author: DA


DA, wings on fire, crash-landed smack dab in the middle of Burning Man 97, ticket in hand, and never left. Three burns later, DA was adopted by the Department of Public Works' Clean-Up Crew and was awestruck at the transformative power of Leaving No Trace. DA grew to be leader, transforming the Clean-Up Crew into the Playa Restoration All-Star Team, and creating the first Moop Map in 2006 as a way to visualize the community's Leave No Trace effort. As a poster artist, DA has illustrated the launch of the Burning Man Theme for 2006 Hope and Fear: The Future, 2007 Green Man, 2008 American Dream, 2013 Cargo Cult, and 2015 Carnival of Mirrors. DA loves the Black Rock Desert and believes that if we, the community, continue to Leave No Trace, then together we can keep building and burning the world over.

25 Comments on “MOOP MAP 2018: Day 1 – Welcome To Resto

  • AVader says:

    hey, there is one of my favorite people front and center!

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  • BenF says:

    You all rock! Thank you!!

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  • Jackie says:

    Burning question: are we supposed to remove the flags from our plot? Some people in our camp say it’s moop, others say it helps resto know where our camp was.

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  • Stitch says:

    I hope you will address the elephant in the room (i.e., the 747 on the playa). So many rumors abound; it would be nice to hear from the folks that are there.

    And thank you, teams, for making us look good!

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    • Timber says:

      Simple, no one at BMorg asked how Big Imagination was going to get the 747 off the playa. And people at Big Imagination forgot to think about it… So BMorg towed the plane 12 miles off site, hoping no one would notice. Big Imagination is doing what it can, but I think this thing is half BMorg’s fault and it should count as moop against next year’s permit if BMorg doesn’t solve the problem = spend money to remove it.

      If the playa is hit with a few days of rain, the thing could sink 3 feet or more. Then it needs to be broken down for scrap. Get Resto to do it. Pay them 2 dollars an hour plus meals. They’d be happy.

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      • Ladies & Gentle man says:

        Excellent post!

        I think it’s a great way to show what the resto crew are doing in person. The pictures are fun and show a lot of character! The moop map is designed especially well!

        Lastly i love the education on definitions and infographics.

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      • Sketch says:

        wait. what? Timber is joking, right? “They didn’t ask me how I was going to remove it, so now it’s their problem” is not an actual LNT stance, right?

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  • DSQISE says:

    Thank you guys so much for what you do!

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  • Scooter says:

    Taking pictures takes time away from cleaning. Hurry up and clean the playa up and GTFO so other people can finally use the playa.

    The time for playing MadMax and getting high is over.

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    • Stone T says:

      “So other people can use the playa” Get fuckin real joker. Like there are thousands just waiting to get on the playa for fall and winter. NOT.
      Maybe a hand full might be waiting to drive accross the tens of,thousands of acres of salt dirt.

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      • Scooter says:

        >Like there are thousands just waiting to get on the playa for fall and winter. NOT.

        The best 2 months out of the year are taken up by Burning Man. Yes, there are people waiting to use the playa before the rains come. You have drunken DPW wandering around the place like they own it, and the locals stay away. People who want to use the playa need to tip-toe around until BLM gives the space the all-clear.

        Is it because it’s not THOUSANDS of people waiting, that makes this okay?

        The people own that land. And they should be free to use it while it’s usable for however they want to use it. But since it’s a moneymaking rave and MadMax playground for white assholes for 2 months out of the year, the season passes very quickly. Especially because Resto takes their goddamn time cleaning up because BMorg pays them nothing or next to nothing to work like slaves.

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      • JV says:

        Never reported a comment before, but the racist phrase “white assholes” made me do it.

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    • Merlon Olsen says:


      The Black Rock Desert is over 70 miles long and it is not ALL closed off. Plenty of room for “others” to use.

      And no, no one is going to the playa at a time of year when it can be 70 degrees one day and snow the next.

      You are CLEARLY someone who knows nothing about the Black Rock Desert and has never been anywhere near it. Just another whiny internet child who wants to complain about nothing to make themselves feel important. Sad little basement troll.

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  • Patricia Brugioni says:

    Thank you so much for being out there and doing this! I hope to stay and join in one day!

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  • Danibel says:

    Thank you, resto. I love the pictures of people! You all are amazing and I love each and everu one of you with my whole heart!!

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  • Trotsky says:

    That video really drives home the scale of the Resto moop line. So much positivity too! But what pray tell does the “oscillator” do? Shake things out of the ground?

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    • nikopeachZ says:

      The oscillator follows behind the line with truck and tools to address spots that would otherwise slow down the “Line”. If the oscillator can eliminate the spot, they do so. If it is too much to clean up, they leave a cone to identify it as a job for special forces to address. Typical special forces cone zones could be: a porto potty bank, diesel generator leak, astroturf, wood chip armageddon, etc.

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  • Argle Bargle says:

    Howler what the hell are you doing with that rake?! You’re driving a bus!!

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  • Gary says:

    Hey .. just wondering if there is an update on map

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  • MR.747 says:

    word on the street is the 747 cargo has a bunch of feathers in it..thats why there keeping it off playa Homeland Security of DPW had it moved off playa to avoid a further moop and further mooping of the playa..bravo good job resto… might take another 300 volunteers to carry the 747 off playa

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  • "FLOKI" says:

    Amazing!!! The love, respect and dedication the whole MOOP team has is soul-warming. Thank you all for your dedication and passion for preserving this unique and magical place! And for sharing it with the BM community!

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  • Eric Davis. Shrek says:

    You know. Some of my favorite quite time is mooping. While at Burning Man. This year I found 1/2 a huge! Military gun shell. Early before my 1 st burn in 90. I was advised by Camp mayor. The AirForce used this place for training , using Vulcan sized rounds left for burner to also remove. Bla bla. Let me know/put me on a list. I can volunteer for Weekend cleaning next year/spring. Damn bill paying M-F gig.

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  • Round up the campmates and line sweep across the area!

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