Burning Man Opening a Year-Round Office in Reno

Burning Man Project is preparing to establish a year-round presence in the heart of downtown Reno, Nevada. The 2,800-square foot office will be in the historic Post Office building at 50 South Virginia Street, overlooking City Plaza (currently home to two beloved Black Rock City art installations). Burning Man Project’s Reno office will open later this fall.

While the main Burning Man Project office will continue to operate in San Francisco, this new space will enable us to better support our operations in Northern Nevada, including the production of the Black Rock City event each August and our year-round activities at the 3,800 acre Fly Ranch acquired by the organization in June of 2016. This office will also help support operations and communications between our current offices in San Francisco and Gerlach, NV.

Burning Man’s relationship with Reno goes back nearly 30 years and we’re inspired by the ways Reno has embraced Burning Man art and culture. Among many projects and initiatives driven by or adjacent to the Burning Man community, maker spaces including the Generator and Artech facilitate art and community building year-round, the Playa Art Project becomes home to a new collection of Burning Man art each year, and dozens more Burning Man art sculptures have been placed in the Reno area.

In 2017, Washoe County was awarded a $75,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant and is partnering with Burning Man Project to build a 200-mile art trail from Reno to Gerlach. And this year, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve invited Burning Man to participate in a national conference of her peers, and then brought Mayors from around the nation with her to Black Rock City.

We’re enthusiastic about this new year-round office and look forward to deepening our longstanding ties to the Biggest Little City.

Top photo by Bill Kositzky

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21 Comments on “Burning Man Opening a Year-Round Office in Reno

  • Helena Farrar says:

    When will the hiring for the new office be?! Interested!

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  • Dale Weber says:

    Yay! Welcome to Reno, we’ve been waiting for this!

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  • Nordictoad says:

    This is awesome news. I am so happy to hear that the the power of the Playa is being shared with this great city. Reno could use some love in return for all the love it has shown us.

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  • Piney says:

    Wheeeeeee! Welcome Home!

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  • Bunny boy says:

    About time…It is a city…part time…Dust the rest of the time….

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  • Jaspter says:

    It would be amazing if they would put about 50 trash bins in front of the office to help balance all the crap that Burners dump onto Reno every year.

    LNT on the playa. Everywhere else is your toilet.

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  • some seeing eye says:

    Great news, next Winnemucca!

    It helps put an in-person year-round face to the organization, and combat the slings and arrows of outrageous criticism. With 2800 sf, hope you have a space for a meeting room that is used often.

    Keep us posted on the art trail project.

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  • Sharp Chess Move! Reno has a very rich history to those interested enough to dig into the city’s backround. This is an excellent move on the Burningman Orgainization and an obvious one at that No doubt being closer to the action en suite. Makes the commute easy ! The larger space will create more interest with the young emerging pool of artists in that area and will bring culture starved kids and adults a novel awareness of how hard working professional artists truly are. To the comment reguarding Reno as Burningman’s dumping ground: Wake up sleeping giant… Prior to BM , Reno was a Lost World , ex- playground to old Hollywood overshadowed by Vegas and it’s old Rat Pack Celebrity clients. Once Vegas eclipsed Reno , Reno became its own “dumping ground.” Of addicted broke gamblers and homeless. A very depressed area for many years. Burningman helped revive that place back in the developing early 90’s bringing in 1,000 of Burners from SF to stock up at their local cost co’s and safeways. The beauty of Burningman stepping up to this plate is that it will attracts highly skilled , intelligent , creative minds. Not just numbing gamblers. Not to mention beautiful women and men. The next possibility will be Reno’s official Burningman ‘s Museum to prove the point. Kudos to the administrators/ fine artists of the BM staff with the business savvy to carry this off and for many decades to come. Slam dunk to the major of Reno with vision , hip vibe and understanding how important Art is. It has defined our human culture for millieniums and a great place to “safe keep ” art in case of an earthquake in SF!!!

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  • Randy says:

    Great news as Reno is a departure and arrival point for many Burners. It’s also a preparation and recovery location for me when going to the Burn, and a fabulous town as well, with breweries, trails to walk, run & mountain bike on, stage shows, a river, cafes & restaurants and vibrant nightlife scene. All my shopping needs have been met before the event. Reno should be respected and promoted for all it has to offer Burners. People can have a perfectly fine extended visit there without once stepping into a casino.

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  • Sara Dube says:

    Awesome! I live in Truckee and would love to help get BRC on the blockchain!

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  • Jennifer Collins says:

    Just one more reason for me to move there. Doing it! Please tell me where any employment opportunities will be listed. I am an eight year Burner/ Temple Guardian…with experience that would translate well into your new office!
    Thank you! – Charliegirl.

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    • Jonsi says:

      There’s lots of jobs here now but we have a housing shortage going on, rents are high

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    • logan says:

      hey girl! i had a random urge to move to Reno, NV today then saw this and now really want to move there. i would also need somewhere to live and would need a roommate. just putting this out there cos i’m not creepy haha
      -logan (i’m a girl)

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  • Jones says:

    Can we like dump our trash there next year?

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  • Dr. Bungee says:

    When I moved from the east coast in 1973 (yeah I’m an old fucker), Reno/Tahoe became my home base. Although I’ve since lived in many different places, I keep coming back. I’ve lived in Reno since 1992. My first burn was in 1996, and I’ve come every year since. My first visit to Reno was to a run down, redneck gambling town. I-80 stopped on either end of town, so the people would have to drive past the casinos, hopefully to be lured in. In large part due to Burning Man, and events like Arttown, it’s now become a hip, vibrant exciting place to be. It’s the new Boulder, or is it Austin, oh whatever, it’s a cool place to live.
    I remember being at a dinner in the early 2000’s, and there was a guy from the RSCVA, which is the Reno, Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, people whose job it is, is to bring in money from tourists. He was touting all the special events that bring in $$, Hot August Nights… I asked about Burning Man, and he belittled the economic impact it had on Reno. I asked if he was ever in a Home Depot the week of the burn. Did he notice there was no PC pipe left in the plumbing isle? Well, obviously, things have changed quite a bit. I don’t know the actual numbers, but both before and after the burn, Reno rakes in the dough. There is a lot of thumping coming from those casino parking lots after the burn.
    Anyway, thanks for listening to my Saturday morning ramble. Welcome to the Biggest Little City, and thanks for everything.

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  • epiphanystarlight says:


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