#LeaveAPositiveTrace Weekend: Show Us What You Got. Let’s Do This!

You’ve likely already seen our invitation for you to participate in “Leave a Positive Trace” this weekend from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23, wherever you may be. This is an open, passionate invitation to activate and celebrate the ethos of Burning Man in your year-round community. A few things are already popping up (we’ll be updating this list as new items come in):

Not sure what to do? Plan a work of art to beautify a local space. Get a group of friends together to clean up a nearby beach. Volunteer at a local food bank or homeless shelter. Visit a senior center or see if a youth group needs help. Get inspired by past Burners Without Borders community projects from the Global Wave of Service, or check out BWB’s handy dandy tool-kit for kickstarting civic projects. Whatever you do, feel free to make it fun and self-expressive!

Share what you’re up to in this Facebook event, on Instagram, and on Twitter! Tag your posts, photos, videos, thoughts and more with #thankslarry, #leaveapositivetrace and/or #burningsolstice so we can find and share your content, particularly on Instagram Stories. We’ll be sharing your content over the weekend. 

Let’s join together for a weekend of Civic Responsibility, Participation, and Communal Effort. Bring Burning Man to the world around you!

Top photo by Mark Mennie

About the author: Mia Quagliarello

Mia Quagliarello

Mia Quagliarello is Burning Man Project's Digital Community Manager. She went to Burning Man for the first time in 2006 (seven months pregnant, no less) and immediately wanted to leave. (She didn't know dust storms were a thing.) But 24 hours after that initial shock, she fell in love with it, and it's been a part of her life in big and small ways ever since. On playa, you'll usually find her camping in Kidsville, riding Bahamut the dragon, or hugging a speaker because she loves music so much.

7 Comments on “#LeaveAPositiveTrace Weekend: Show Us What You Got. Let’s Do This!

  • Janice says:

    Free Hugs is basically a way to commit ‘friendly’ sexual assault. #endRAPEculture

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    • Mitzi says:

      hugs are not received unless both sides agree. it’s called “consent,” and thus is not sexual assault, and it’s not rape culture, either.

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      • Jasminine says:

        Then you’ve never been out on the playa with a guy with a sign saying ‘Free Hugs’ who won’t take no for an answer. You’re very fortunate and wrong.

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    • Robinita says:

      As with any good intended idea, there is a possibility for misinterpretation or poor execution. That said, please don’t stop putting good intentions and love into the world. My two teen aged daughters and i gave out “free hugs” in a square in London a decade ago and all of us felt better for opening our arms and hearts in a strange(to us) land. Nothing creepy, just good vibes. Let’s hold space for that!!

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      • Jasasalmina'anta'goddess says:

        STOP TRYING TO HUG ME PERVERTS! I’m a black woman, don’t you white boys stop doing this shit to the black goddesses. We better than you fools. How much money you got you need to say first before touching this pride.

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      • Delta Dave says:

        Nice, robinita! And as with anything in this world, there are lovers and there are haters. Some people know hate and see love, and some people know love and see hate. Some abuse it, some use it, some have never felt it ,,,,, and some people are just plain Hooped Up on Goof Balls! Bee the Light. Spread the Love. Remember you are a Goddess and the 3 magical words you can say with compassion and intent,,, No,,,Thank,,, You.

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  • Shooter says:

    Hi Mia – nice to see my image chosen for your article :) (background: that was the Artist and his partner going through the ashes of their work the day after their burn; mooping their site in a dust storm….they were wondering what I was doing – and admittedly that low angle left me covered in both dust and ashes…)

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