LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch: Join Q&A Webinar and Site Preview Walks

On February 19, Burning Man Project’s Fly Ranch Team and the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) are co-hosting a Q&A Webinar to answer questions about the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch Design Challenge, share more information about the process, and help people get involved in co-creating the future of Fly Ranch.

It’s been one month since we launched this design challenge, and it’s been an exciting few weeks hearing from enthusiastic teams and artists, connecting with volunteers, and adding lots of information to the website to help inform proposal ideas. We’ve also started Site Preview Walks.

Not totally up to speed on what we’re talking about? Here’s the quick catch up:

Burning Man Project and LAGI have partnered together to run a multi-disciplinary design challenge to create the foundational infrastructure for Fly Ranch. This design challenge is an invitation to artists, architects, designers, builders, scientists and Burners of all kinds to come together and create functional works of art that provide solutions for power, water, shelter, food, and regenerative technology in the Black Rock Desert.

Proposals are due May 31, and a minimum of $150,000 in honoraria grants will be distributed across selected teams to build functional prototypes on-site at Fly Ranch in 2021. You’ll find design guidelines and everything you need to get started at

Sign Up to Webinar and Check Out Q&A Document

We’re co-hosting the Q&A Webinar on February 19 at 12 noon PST. If you’d like to know when the stream goes live, sign up for the event, and share it with your friends. We’ll share the stream link once we’re rolling.

Since the launch of the design challenge, we’ve also received and answered a lot of questions, so we’ve compiled a Q&A document of the most frequently asked questions and uploaded it here. This document will be updated throughout the submission period.

Site Preview Walks

On February 1, we conducted our first Site Preview Walk at Fly Ranch, welcoming prospective teams to walk the property and explore the sites for building on. Over the course of three hours, volunteers from Fly Ranch and Friends of Black Rock-High Rock walked nearly four miles with 25 visitors from across the States and overseas too.

The good news is we’re doing it again! If you’re planning on submitting a design and want to check out the property yourself, we’ll host Site Preview Walks each month throughout the submission period. You can sign up here.

If you can’t make it to a Site Preview Walk but want to better understand the design site, you can find photos and 3D land mapping in the Supplemental Materials section of

Site Preview Walk (Photo by Zac Cirivello)

Don’t Forget — Deadlines Are Real!

The design submission period ends May 31 at midnight in the time zone of anywhere on the planet. As long as it is before midnight somewhere on the Earth, you’re in luck and can submit your proposal. But once it’s no longer May 31 anywhere on Earth, it’s done. You’ve missed the boat.

You’ll just have to wait for the next epic design challenge, and the opportunity to join a radical community full of creativity and inspiration coming together to help solve some of the most critical problems facing our planet, which is literally on fire (and not in the good way).

Or, ya know… just make the deadline. That works too.

Photo courtesy of LAGI

About the author: Zac Cirivello

Zac Cirivello

Zac has been managing teams in Black Rock City since 2010. He spent three years as a part of Burning Man’s Communications team developing the organization’s voice as a nonprofit and driving strategy behind key communications initiatives. He studied Environmental Science and spent a decade producing events and festivals focused on arts, community development, sustainability, and food. As Operations Manager for Fly Ranch, Zac oversees communications, community engagement, affiliations and site operations for the project.

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