Upcoming Global Virtual Events, April 15-21

The Burnerverse is bubbling over with virtual events — so many it’s hard to do justice to them in one post. We’ve given it a red hot go anyway. For your pajamed or costumed pleasure, we’ve gathered a selection of upcoming events from across time(zones) and space, and made sure there’s a little something for everyone.

You can do downtime with chill spaces, shake it out with movement workshops, spark ideas with creative hubs, get your groove on with dance parties, and much more. Wanna share your upcoming virtual event? Drop us a line here

Most of the events are free, but some ask for a donation towards costs or are raising funds for vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who are timezone-challenged, you can wrap your head around who’s coming to you from the past or future here.

Table of Contents

Daily Events

Hug Nation Twice Daily Gatherings

Times: 12pm & 6pm (PT)
Gather for a moment of connection twice daily. At noon, we gather and share gratitude and joyful stories. Then we share a digital group hug. At 6pm, we have different themes, stories, and  games… then we share a digital group hug. Let’s transcend physical space and connect in the realm of intention & love. ((HUG))

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Creative Cafe Meet up

Time: 2-3pm (BST)
Would you like to connect more to your creative side and come together with others to share in a wonderful, creative expressive therapeutic space? Join the Creative Cafe Meet Up for an hour of creative fun. Bring whatever you enjoy or want to try, be that art, craft or writing projects. No experience in anything needed to join.

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After Work Happy Hour (Melbourne)

Time: 5-6pm (AEST)
Feeling lonely after a long day of remote work? Join the virtual after-work happy hour.

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Time: 5:30-6pm (AEST)
Get COVID Fit and Werq.It.Out with (almost) daily short Werqouts with a retro vibe to lift your spirits, get you moving and hopefully even make you giggle.

Tickets: Donations welcome

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Shouting Fire

Tune into Shouting Fire, an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. Many of their volunteers have been bringing you radio in Black Rock City for the last 20 years or so. They are your friends, neighbors and campmates. And they are now creating a lot of extra shows where people can text in and share music.

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Wednesday April 15

Stir Crazy — Woodyard — Live Streams from the Quarantine

Times: 2-3:15pm &  7-8:15pm (PT)
A Vancouver Burner live streams twice every Wednesday to keep this quarantine as funky as possible.

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Community Roundup: BWB & Burners Respond to COVID-19

Time: 5-6pm (PT)
Join Burners Without Borders’ weekly zoom conversations focusing on ‘BWB & Burners Responding to COVID-19’. Are you working on a community project in response to COVID-19? Want to share it with us? Is there a project you are trying to bring to the world and need support — bring it!

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¡AXOLOTL! LIVE! Wednesday Sunset Cruise Live Stream #2

Time: 6:30-9:30pm (PT)
Axolotl: The Earth-Guardian art car livens up your quarantine with ¡AXOLOTL! LIVE! — a live music stream every Monday and Wednesday with your favourite artists from the art car. Today’s lineup: Itai Isenberg, McMeow (a.k.a. Lynn Rawden)

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Thursday April 16

Ideas Anonymous

Time: 6-8.30pm (AEST)
Ideas Anonymous is a “self-help” group for people with ideas. They gather together to talk about their ideas, bounce them around, give and get feedback, and work out plans to implement them. It doesn’t matter what your idea is, whether it is a new business, a project around your house or a way to end world’s poverty.

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Weekly LA Burning Man Virtual Shenanigans

Time: 8-11pm (PT)
The Los Angeles Regional Burning Man community gathers weekly for virtual connection and real-life drinks.

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Mycoremediation: Using Mushrooms To Eat Plastic

Time: 7:30-8:10pm (BST)
This is an introduction to mushrooms and their biology, as well as how they can be used to degrade toxic waste. You’ll learn: an overview of the life cycle of mushrooms; an introduction to basic microbiology; and their use in mycoremediation.

Tickets: free entry; donations gratefully received.

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Thursday Travel Tales: Online Hangout

Time: 7.30-8.30pm (AEST)
Each Thursday, two people share their photos and travel tales of a favourite destination.

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Psychedelic Science 2020 Webinar Series

Time: 12-1:30pm (PT)
In this all-new online course, you can explore the latest advancements in psychedelic research, medicine, and policy and find out how to apply those lessons to your lives now and in the near future.

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Story Time with Tamaryn

Time: 8pm (BST)
Join Tamaryn each week as she reads a chapter of A Short History Of Nearly Everything. Tune in and learn amazing facts about our universe.

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Friday April 17

Pleasure Awakening

Times: 10-11:30am (NZST)
In times of lockdown and social distancing, don’t be touch deprived! For those of you who missed out on the Pleasure Awakening workshop at KiwiBurn, here is your chance to make up for it!

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Naked Yoga Online

Time: 5-6:20pm (BST)
The class will start with grounding and feeling the breath, moving to classic Hatha Yoga asanas, into sun salutations, and down to earth again in Shavasana to find our breath and stay protected during these turbulent times that we are all facing.

Tickets: £12

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Thanks Stuck It’s Friday Online Party

Time: 8:30-11:30pm (BST)
The party promises a mix of DJs guaranteed to get you dancing, unique online performances to entertain you, interactive workshops to inspire you, and social time with other people living in isolation. After ramping up the fun, everyone winds down together to get ready for bed. Have your pyjamas ready so that you can snuggle up together virtually. There may even be a bedtime story!

Tickets: Free and donation tickets available

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Saturday April 18

Saucy Speakeasy, a HouseFire Community Event

Time: 8-10.30pm
Join the HOUSEFIRE community this Saturday night for a saucy night of dancing, community connection, and play!! Come and meet all the creative cats getting involved in the upcoming virtual HOUSEFIRE burn!

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Kostume Kult’s virtual Horned Ball Apokkalypso

Time: 9pm-1am (EDT)
Kostume Kult’s annual spring bacchanal goes virtual with international participants, multiple “rooms”, live DJs and interactive performances… by YOU! Get ready for your “Moment of Fame” — tell us about your character, how you crafted your costume, educate us with apocalyptic know-how and your wacky end-times theories. Or enter the Funderdome and pillow fight your roommates!

Tickets: free with donation appreciated

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Cooped Up Cabaret: Live Stream Variety Show

Time: 8-10pm (AEST)
Support your fellow creatives, and tune in to fortnightly live stream cabaret. Each show will feature a tasty selection of performers from all over Australia (and international, if ya lucky!) Magic in the kitchen? Comedy in the bathroom? Aerials in the hallway? You’ll never know what you’re gonna get! Performers are contributing their talents in return for a split of all profits from paid views.

Tickets: $15

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Global Get Down [Virtual Broadcast]

Time: 8-11pm (EDT)
New York City’s notorious The Get Down party has gone virtual, with regularly scheduled booty-shaking sessions. This Saturday’s dance party features a pre-party voguing lesson, followed by sets from TASHA BLANK and Matty Glitterati. Make sure you reserve your spot to get the Zoom link and password.

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Sunday April 19

Slow Flow Yoga

Time: 9:30-10:30am (NZST)
Sixty-minute online yoga class for all yogi levels.

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Livestream Brunch Show w/ Rachel Lark!

Time: 12:30-2pm (PT)
Tune in for a special livestream brunch show from Rachel Lark’s living room. Make sure to wear your pajamas and bring your brunch to the party! We’ll be gathering, saying hi, and taking requests from about 12:30 to 1pm. Music starts at 1!

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Sacred Solidarity: A Free Online Festival on Bicycle Day 4/19

Time: 8:45am-5 pm (PT)
A free Online Festival Supporting COVID-19 Mutual Aid Efforts and Celebrating Reciprocity and Our Connection With Earth On Bicycle Day.

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Monday April 20

Miranda July: Webcast

Time: 7:30-9pm (PT)
Filmmaker, artist and writer Miranda July (from “Me and You and Everyone We Know”) has a webcast conversation with Jenny Odell, author of “How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy”.

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Late Night Storytelling for Adults

Time: 9-10pm (AEST)
The world can be a whirling, swirling place of anxiety and uncertainty at the moment, and sometimes, just before sleep, the thoughts can clamour loudly. Be soothed and held in those twilight hours with stories that will help you wind you down.

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Tuesday April 21

Pleasure Awakening

Times: 10-11:30am (NZST)
In times of lockdown and social distancing, don’t be touch deprived! For those of you who missed out on the Pleasure Awakening workshop at KiwiBurn, here is your chance to make up for it!

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Spirit-Key Meditation

Time: 7:30-9pm (GMT)
Discover the power of breath work as Nathan guides us through a powerful cleansing session followed by a meditation that will bring you back down from the clouds.

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Other Virtual Event Calendars

Burning Wiki’s Burn Broadcasts, Podcasts & Virtual Events

An ever-changing list of virtual burns, broadcasts, non-stop streaming events and other wonderful things for self-isolated Burners.

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I’m stuck at home but still want to have fun

A light-hearted Facebook group that began as a British Burner initiative and now has 17,000 members from all walks of life. It lists hundreds of ways to virtually gather and celebrate, wherever you are.

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Kiwiburn Lockdown Event Guide

Keep track of Kiwi-land events with their handy dandy guide.

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Shut-in Shenanigans

Barcelona Burners have recently put their lip syncing skills to the test. You can stay tuned for the next battle and other events on their community event page.

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Organize Burners Online — Dance Parties & Happy Hours & Fun Times

Another group dedicated to rounding up Burner fun times online.

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Top photo: “Boring” by Toby Salz (Photo by George P. Post)

About the author: Jane Lyons

Jane Lyons (a.k.a Lioness) believes it takes a special kind of crazy to drive the foundation years of a Regional Burn, and she classes herself among those crazy dreamers and (over)doers who are sweating it out around the Regional Burn globe. After her first Nevada Burn in 2009, Jane spent five years knee-deep in the development of Australia's Burning Seed and its community. She built and managed Seed's Communications Team for many years, helped kickstart Melbourne Decompression and ran a range of other local events. But her Burner communities and collaborations stretch beyond the confines of her country. She helped build Temple of Transition in 2011; has worked on other big art projects on and off playa (including the Temple for Christchurch); and has run theme camps and built art at Nowhere, Kiwiburn, Burning Seed and Italian Burning Weekend. She now spends her time supporting Burning Man's Communications Team.

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