BMIR On-Air in the Multiverse: A Call for Participation

While BMIR has historically been a radio station that adheres to the idea of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, we believe that due to the current state of the world’s affairs, it is of utmost importance to utilize our voice to facilitate dialogue and thought provoking content for the sake of pushing social change. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, we will be launching 72 hours of live programming beginning at 12 noon BRCST (PST) on Friday, September 4th. We will be focusing on the pressing issues at hand in our world. From Black Lives Matter, to LGBTQ civil liberties, to the plight (and future) of the Indigenous peoples of this land, we desire to use our trusted medium to give a voice to those that need to be amplified at this paramount intersection of space and time.

Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to: the alternative history of America, reparations, POC in the workforce, removing symbols of hate, racism as generational abuse, police brutality, laws and sexuality, race and the media, being Black at Burning Man, white privilege, the history of Black music in America, and what we can do collectively to create a better future together.

While every moment of every day may not be exactly on topic, our goal is for this to be an overarching theme throughout the weekend. Interviews with experts and POC Burners will be conducted by our well honed staff, being culled from a variety of sources within and beyond the Burning Man community. We have the technology, know-how, and heart to pull this together into something that not only our community, yet the greater world at large, can enjoy. We invite you, our trusted listeners, to spread the word and engage in the conversation as well.

With the possibility that our beloved BRC may not happen for quite some time, the BMIR management team considers this to be our greatest work ever. A culmination of years of cultivating positive relationships, testing our own sanity by doing this crazy thing in the desert, and by being the “living room” of Black Rock City where open, direct, and honest dialogue has always been welcome on the airwaves.

As the great $tephen Ra$pa once said, “there is no default world, unless we default.” BMIR is taking a stand as the voice of the Man to stop our default and build a more inclusive Burner community, raising up the voices of those who have been silenced and empowering the burner community to destroy complacency with fierce action.

With this in mind, a call for participation for one of our shows. A project entitled “Letters”…

‘Letters’ is a call to any and all Black​, ​Brown​, Indigenous, and all People of Color​ burners to share their experience at Burning Man, its Regionals, or any Burning Man affiliated event with the Burner community. Spoken in the form of a letter, [“Salutation…Body…Signature”] you may address your letter to whomever you choose; fellow Burners, a Burner in particular, Burning Man Project, your community, white Burners, a camp — anyone or everyone — and sign it however you wish. The project is audible, with an upper time limit of ~five minutes. The letters will be woven together into one single production and played on air in its entirety with no interruption on BMIR during Burn Weekend (scheduled time will be posted when available).

Currently, the show time is ​slotted for ​two hours. Should more than two hours worth of contributions collect, there will be additional allotted time for them to be heard. No voice, no letter, will be left unheard. The mission of this project is for Black​, ​Brown​, and Indigenous​ voices to have a space to share their experiences, thoughts, and emotions with no interruptions and for all of us who Burn with privilege to simply listen with undivided attention. “Letters” will also maintain longevity in multiple facets. BMIR will dedicate a section of their website to forever host this audible production as well as a portfolio of the transcripts of your letters should you like to share this as well. You can type your letter, take a photo of your handwritten letter, send in a photograph or image of a piece of art — whatever you’d like that best represents your letter. Also, should you feel called to only contribute a transcript version, please do not hesitate to do so. “Letters” will be forever open to contribution so that for years to come, future generations of Black​, ​Brown​, and Indigenous Burners can participate in the project.

​​Project specs:​

  • Up five minutes
  • In the form of a traditional letter
  • .mp3 or .wav format

If you are called to contribute a letter, please fill out the form and send your audio file and/or transcript to The deadline for contributions is Monday, August 31st, at 11:59p (your time).

Letters Contribution Form


Photographs by Todd Raviotta
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