How to Make Burning Man Happen — 365 and Around the World

Have you ever wished you could go to Burning Man 365 days a year?

You’ve made it this far, so we’re going to reveal the big secret — YOU CAN!

Consider this a cheat sheet for finding a gazillion Burner-y things to do. Behind all of the words and links below are real Burners doing spectacular things out in the world. And all of them are available for you to plug into, participate in, and stir up some Burner magic — even right NOW.

Choose Your Own Adventure — What Do YOU Want to Do?

Commune with Burner Art

Co-create Virtual Burning Man

Virtual Burning Man will be alive and kicking for two entire weeks this year — August 21 to September 5, 2021. The earlier you offer your skills, idea, or project, the more you will get out of this global virtual adventure. Get involved with Virtual Burning Man.

Get Your Groove On Year-Round at Virtual Burning Man Events

You don’t have to wait until August to start co-creating and participating in virtual Burning Man adventures that span the globe. Here are some ways to Burn virtually, year round.

  • Burn2 is a year-round Burning Man community in SecondLife.
  • CoReality Collective regularly produces interdimensional virtual gatherings.
  • BRCvr recreates the playa and hosts regular gatherings in Virtual Reality.
  • Dusty Multiverse offers a playa (and parties) in Interactive Immersive Reality.
  • Browse Kindling to discover and participate in a smorgasbord of live virtual events.

Participate in Your Regional Community

While most Regional Events went virtual or were cancelled in 2020, we expect a few small in-person events to resume in 2021. Many Burners find their true “home” close to home, getting involved with their Regional group. Participating in community service projects, collaborative art, Pre-compressions, Decompressions, and other Regional Events is only the beginning of what’s possible. Check the Regionals map to find your nearest Regional community.

Cosmic Praise and the Everywhere Pavillion, 2014 (Photo by Steven Fritz)

Bring About Positive Change in Your Community as a Burner Without Borders!

Behind that glowy facade, there’s meaningful work being done in the Burner-verse. Through Burners Without Borders, people are coming together worldwide to support their communities.

Tell Us About Your Projects, Ideas, and Initiatives

Log into your Burner Profile to tell us about the impact-driven projects and initiatives you’re creating out in the world. What we learn will help us map the ways Burning Man culture is being applied to address conventional challenges.

Collaborate and Share Ideas in Burning Man Hive Labs

Dive into Burning Man Hive Labs to collaborate on shared goals for evolving Black Rock City and Burning Man culture around sustainability; Radical Inclusion, diversity and equity (R.I.D.E.); health and safety; and participation. Sign up here to join and add your voice.

Contribute to Making Burning Man More Radically Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable

In collaboration with you, we are doubling down on the work of changing the landscape of Burning Man Project, Black Rock City, and Burner communities and gatherings with regard to Radical Inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Contribute to a Regenerative Black Rock City

Burning Man Project’s 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap sets a 10-year timeline and targets for making Black Rock City regenerative. And it’s open source — you can contribute to its evolution!

Now Clock by Matt Lavigne, 2012 (Photo by Steven Fritz)

Tell the World About Your Live Virtual Event

If you’re creating a live virtual community event — maybe it’s a workshop, dance party, performance, puppet show… or anything, really — submit it to Kindling, Burning Man Project’s virtual events portal.

Build a Theme Camp

Many Theme Camps do interesting stuff year round. Maybe it’s your turn to start one?

  • Register for the 2021 Camp Symposium to connect and learn with the Black Rock City camp community on Saturday, May 22.
  • Start a new theme camp! It’s not too early to virtually gather your friends and start planning your contribution to a radically different Black Rock City 2022.

Expand Your Mind

Stay up to Date

Cover image of Billion Bunny March, 2019 (Photo by Keith Aeschliman)

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  • Lee says:

    I’m trying to follow the Burning Man Project model of doing business so I can have Burning Man all year. I’m trying to get people to volunteer to work on various projects that I can sell on to consumers. It’s not easy but I’ve learned a lot from the Burning Man Project. It reduces overhead to the point that my competitors are blown out of the water.

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    • kbot says:

      If Burning Man Project was a business, you might have a point there. However, BMP is not a business; it’s a nonprofit that exists to serve the community.

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      • Lee says:

        a nonprofit is a business lol

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      • Rrandy Fecundity says:

        Lee is confused. Slavery has its roots in the model of people volunteering to give you a product which you then sell. In Burningland, attendees pay out in work or goods or filthy lucre in order to provide a “free” benefit to others. And in fact, IS a business, just not to attendees. Simply stated, it takes in money and pays for stuff and then provides a service, retains some earnings, invests in the future, buys Fly Ranch, and whatnot. Like a church. There isn’t a convincing case for anything that uses money as not being a business. Retained earnings or higher payments to “workers” even account for what would have been profits in “non-profits”.

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    • Lee says:

      I agree. Burning Man is magic. Getting people to work for free and then charging them money for the privilege is magic. That’s what I’m doing in my not-a-business. It’s not exploitation or a version of slavery, it’s magic. No one can argue with magic. I’m a non-profit too. The money I make from all of this goes to my mission to change the world from my perspective. It’s relativity. It’s physics. It’s natural.

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  • tony says:

    Pretty sure we heard this same song and dance last year. You had your chance to produce the Burn and you blew it, s don’t tell us how to live Burning Man year round.

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