What Else Is New With Burning Man? Video Update #2 From Marian

We don’t know what the next year has up its sleeve, but we do know you are all what keeps Burning Man alive. This is the second video update from our CEO Marian Goodell, sharing important news about what’s up with Burning Man Project and Black Rock City.

We want to know what you’re planning and creating in 2021 for Black Rock City and beyond! Head to Sparkly Things in your Burner Profile to share what you’re up to!

There’s lots of Burning Man art out in the world, and we want to help you find it! We just released info about the 2021 Honoraria Art (with pieces being brought to life whether Black Rock City happens or not). You can also check out this fun global Burner Art Safari map from Burning Flipside while you’re at it.

Want to plug into your local Burning Man community? Get involved through the Regional Network and Burners Without Borders.

Check out Marian’s full video below! Any burning questions? Send them to questions@burningman.org.

(And in case you missed last week’s video update, watch it here now.

Cover image of The Man (Photo by Gurps Chawla)

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84 Comments on “What Else Is New With Burning Man? Video Update #2 From Marian

  • Frankly says:

    No Vaccine

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    • Bill Nye Fangirl says:

      No one will force you to take a vaccine. I hope you do as I don’t want anyone to get sick or die needlessly. But I also hope the org sticks to no entry without full vaccination. It’s how we keep the participants and local communities as safe as possible.

      Just like you can own a weapon but are not permitted to attend the event with one, you can refuse a vaccine if you choose but also not be permitted to attend the event. Safety third does not mean no safety at all.

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    • Dusty Coat says:

      No burn…

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    • Uncle Bullhorn says:

      No vaccine? No Burn for you!

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    • Priscilla coone says:

      A negative covid should b an option especially bcuz some of us can’t get due to health reasons. Can b as easy as Walgreens test within 72 hrs. Works great for Hawaii. Why not burningma?

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    • Silvergirl says:

      This may also be a Nevada State requirement. No shame or FOMO in taking some time off if the vaccine isn’t feasible for you.

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    • Pablo says:

      So far 1 person in our camp has decided not to go because of vaccine requirement. The rest agree it’s the responsible thing to do. I know it’s difficult for those not agreeing but this is difficult times and it seems that having event with vaccines is better than not having event this year. I’m sorry for those that can’t go but I’m sorry for those each year that can’t get tickets too. No matter whether BORG decided to require vaccine or not a large group of people wouldn’t be happy so I think they are making the responsible decision. I hope those that don’t want to or can’t get vaccine will understand that this year isn’t right for you or your health as being around large groups wouldn’t be for you this year anyways.

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  • Chill says:

    Thanks for the update. I for one am happy that the org wants to hold the safest possible event by requiring proof of vaccination and/or a negative Covid test. I know on the social media interwebs, a lot of the reaction has been taken over by anti-vaxxers and people who think it’s all a conspiracy, so i just wanted to say that the loudest voices are not necessarily in the majority. See you in the dust!

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    • Laura says:

      Love that. Thanks for being a supportive voice. I’m right there with you. Hoping to make this my first burn and appreciate it being created as a safe space.

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    • sandfly says:

      I totally agree. “Radical Inclusion” meet “Civic Responsibility.” Without a requirement of vaccination, we will surely be bringing thousands of anti-vaxxers, a recipe for a super-spreader event just when the country is finally looking to come out of the pandemic.

      Some will doubtless claim they have “rights,” and argue that unvaccinated people should have that choice for themselves. But a superspreader event has much wider implications. The newly infected will be leaving BRC with both COVID-19 and Playa-Lung, so they will likely get more sick and be more likely to infect others with high virus counts. Also, the more the virus spreads, the more it mutates, creating the potential for a newer strain that is resistant to the vaccines and starting the pandemic over again. No doubt in my mind that this would be generally known as the Burning Man variant generating a potentially worldwide rage against Burning Man and Burners. Just look at how many idiots are attacking people who look Asian because OrangeMan insisted on calling it the China Virus.

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    • daniel says:

      Right on brother !!! I am with you 100%. Getting my second vaccine shot on the 27th of April and I will do a covid test if necessary. Thank you to the wonderful work BM management is doing to ensure everyone is safe this year at the playa. See you in the dust

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    • MissDaddy says:

      I agree here. Thank you for your comment. I think there is a disconnect between people understanding that vaccine requirement falls under the “civic responsibility” principle. It may not be someone’s personal choice to vaccinate and that’s fine but at the current state, the requirement is keeping the community safe if the burn is to happen.

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    • Silver Cowboy says:

      I agree. Get the vaccine or don’t, that is your choice. If you choose not to, and it is required for entrance to the event, then I suppose you won’t be attending this year. We will miss you and welcome you back when vaccines are not required. I support the decision for some safety precautions.

      Life is full of choices and some of our personal choices come with consequences. If you choose not to vaccinate, you have to take responsibility for your personal choices. I’m glad we have the right to make them.

      I would think some safety precautions are required of various permits and agreements for the event to happen.

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    • Thomasin L. Converse says:

      I agree. At least 70% of my camp is vaccinated.

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  • Suzanna says:

    Ugh- SO TIRED of people pushing their agenda onto others regarding the vaccine.

    You can still get Covid AFTER having the vaccine!!!!!

    And some people are NOT even eligible for the vaccine if you have certain allergies.

    Deaths, miscarriages, strokes, blood clots, paralysis are among a few of the side effects.

    You and others need to do thorough research on this and STOP pushing your agenda that the vaccine is the answer.


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    • Dingus says:

      Maybe stay home.

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    • Tom Ferrell says:

      I agree, if you are vaccinated then why care. People are so poorly educated in this country.

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    • Yes, a vaxxer can still transmit the virus if vaccinated, however if a vaxxer is infected there (so far) is a 0% of them becoming a fatality. BMORG’s vaxxer policy will save lives…60,000 burners if unvaxxinated would clearly result in fatalities. Total BS whining about BM not being all inclusive. Their vax policy saves lives and saves BM 2021. Permitting in Objectors will label BM as a super spreader event. Vax and negative tests… the only solution available in these challenging times.

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  • Ray Griswold says:

    I am all for the required vaccination to attend.

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  • Dragon Nurse Christine says:

    Your plan should include a rapid test station that you can use daily for those who cannot take the vaccine, children and objecters(who should pay for daily test) this allows everyone to safely attend burning man even if for some reason they can not be vaccinated. I would volunteer to help run this, as that and vaccinations have been my life since November! I am sure they will require this and you should embrace it so everyone has equal access to burning man. Hopefully travel bans will be lifted this summer so europeans and other out of country fans can come

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    • Tom Ferrell says:

      What a waste of time. Specially for children who have like 1 in a million chance of even noticing they have Covid 19.

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    • tony says:

      The problem – yes problem with testing on site, who is going to run around and track people on the playa and make sure they do show up ? Given the mind set of people not wanting to get vaccinated and or provide verification – do you think they will report daily and it show identification ??? What about the people who show up and refuse to do anything – do you think black rock rangers are and or should be dealing with refusals , people demanding entrance as their rights (sic) I think burning man is setting itself up by having an in person on the playa burn for 2021 … Just read some of these comments and take a look around with what is going on with incidents throughout the world. I could go on and on,but why, everyone knows what a mess it is going to be …

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  • Zach Anand says:

    So basically Marian “misspoke” in the first video and led everyone to believe that the State of Nevada was requiring vaccines, and then when Burners called Marian out on that not actually being true, instead of admitting to it, Marian decided to “turn it around” in this video. Thank you for the authenticity and honesty (or lack thereof).
    Either way, at least we now know the truth… it was BMorg that made the decision to require vaccines all on their own. The downfall of Burning Man and radical self-reliance

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  • Sam says:

    I’m sorry, what?! You’re admitting this isn’t radical inclusion regarding the vaccine yet you’re requiring it? That is totally biased and really excluding a vast majority of people. I’d understand a covid test but the vaccine is a whole other layer of crap. Not cool BM. You’ve lost my support.

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  • ImOnTheFence says:

    I’m glad they are considering international travellers for whom a vaccine may not be available by the time the even comes around. The UK is one of those for sure. It’s easy to label everyone who is unvaccinated anti-vax or a conspiracy theorist when in reality many don’t have access to vaccines yet, some have health issues and can’t have one and some just trust their immune systems and have nothing against vaccines. I’m not anti vax for info, just doubt we in the UK will have the full
    Vaccine before august sadly. Would be good to have an option of a negative test for those mentioned above.

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  • Christian Janss says:


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  • Dusk Rider says:

    Any thinking person is already well aware of the
    questions, controversies, and accessibility issues surrounding the vaccines. It’s time for the BORG to just set a safety protocol/policy and be done with it. Those who can and are willing to follow it will show up, those who can’t or won’t follow it will not.
    We need some radical decision-making right now, followed up by unflinchingly clear and strong BORG leadership. Pandering to every dissenting voice will only leave us permanently mired in a (playa) quagmire of uncertainty and inaction. I fear that’s where we’re headed.

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  • Tom Cahillane says:

    This decision, if it stands to require vaccines, will not age well for this incredible movement.

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  • Klondike says:

    I am in utterly dismayed that the Burning Man org will require a mandatory vaccination.

    These vaccinations are highly experimental and carry massive risk. It is wrong in every way. People can still get sick and spread it. Carries huge medical risk. It is discriminatory. It is not inclusive, there can be rapid and PCR testing available which would reduce risk significantly.

    Very upset at the burning man leaders for wrongly thinking a one size fits all approach is good to take,

    As a long time burner and supporter, I strongly state this is wrong and will be vocal about this.

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    • KB says:

      100% agree. Providing proof of a negative test is one thing, mandating vaccines is another level. I will also hold strong on this one, because I believe if they stick to this poorly formulated plan, it will destroy the burning man community. As a burner who has donated money to the org, they have completely lost my support with this announcement. I would even have bought the $2500 invitation in order to help keep the org going, but as it stands, I will not be supporting burning man in the slightest until they retract this.

      Also, vaccine cards are extremely easy to replicate, so this is a bad idea all around. I know that most of my camp is pissed about this and will not support burning man until the vaccine statement is retracted. It is quite sad that a small group of people can destroy a community like this. It goes against everything burning man was built on. For all of those who are claiming they are “pro-science,” please realize that “science” is not singular and there are very legitimate concerns with this vaccine, both in safety and efficacy. We must be careful about giving away our rights, they are a lot easier given away than taken back. I’m not anti-vaxx or pro-vaxx, but I am very much so pro- personal freedom. Please remember that the same government perpetuating the idea that we have to receive a shot from big-pharma in order to not die and to be a good person, is the same government that classified plants as schedule 1, and locks people up for what substances they choose to put in their own bodies.

      Can we please start to live by what we preach? Radical self-reliance and self-expression are at stake here. I don’t give a f*ck what you put in your body, but do not tell others what is best for their body, or destroy an entire culture by doing so. Please don’t give me the “stay home if you don’t agree” argument. Burning man is much different than the BMORG. WE ARE BURNING MAN, and we must fight to maintain our ethos of personal freedom and acceptance, not adherence to a singular mindset about what health and wellness actually means. Considering that diet is one of the main factors of health, maybe we should start screening at the gate for processed foods and alcohol. It’s for the good of the whole, so that makes it ok right?

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    • Tremaian says:

      What risk

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  • Janice Brown says:

    I am hopeful about attending BRC this summer. I’ve already received both doses of the vaccine, and am very supportive of your policy. Thanks for all the work you do for our community.

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  • Visionary says:

    If all the anti-vaxxers can’t get in there should be lots of room to camp!

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  • R says:

    With all the necessary transitioning required this year, can we just go ahead and move this year to a private future new home and leave the pain that was getting worse behind.


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  • Rachel Johnson says:

    This is very sad and disappointing. Requiring vaccines goes against the very ethos of Burning Man. I’ve been vaccinated myself and would never consider myself an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist… but I also respect the health concerns of my fellow burners. The vaccine clearly isn’t right for everyone, considering immune systems, allergic reactions… the list goes on and on, not to mention access to vaccines for our international burners… Covid tests and even on-site rapid testing is a much more reasonable option.

    If this is their decision, then BMorg should just cancel the official Burn this year and resume when vaccines aren’t mandatory

    And not to mention there were apparently complaints of moderator censorship of this comment thread… silencing actual concerns and opinions of Burners… this is not the Burning Man way… Larry Harvey would have never gone along with this and would be so disappointed.

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  • Anonymous says:

    What happens if someone takes the test at the gate and it is positive? Do you retest for false positives? Do they walk home with all their stuff? Put them on a bus with other positive results and risk more spread? Just one logistical nightmare here.

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  • Aleks says:

    I’m on board with vaccination requirement. You don’t like it, don’t go. Simple. Easy. Makes sense. Lets gooooooo!!!!!!

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  • CDWorthington says:

    Thought about attending this event last year, but you didn’t have it due to COVID. Thought about attending this year, until I heard that you are not allowing attendees unless they get a COVID 19 Shot, therefore will not be attending. FYI, the newest news is that you will need a shot every year. Good luck with that.

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  • Publius Maximus says:

    This is antithetical to the roots of Burning Man. The ticket is a giant disclaimer saying THIS IS RISKY and YOU MIGHT DIE – PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Making the vaccine mandatory – at an outdoor, sunny is more absurd than mandating helmets. At least with helmets we would actually see a reduction in casualties.

    Big Brother Bmorg knows what is best. It is a shame that this virus is destroying yet another great American institution.

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    • Let's maximize the likelihood we don't impact the greater public says:

      I think the helmet argument and ticket disclaimer is a pretty good argument! However, we have to keep in mind that this is a biological virus we’re talking about and not biking or fire or other immediate physical harm object or experience. This dangerous thing can spread between people and slowly kills (granted of course not everyone who gets it does die – but that don’t mean it ain’t gonna be a bad time). But what that then also means is if all the people who go to Black Rock City get or contract the virus and then go back to their various places around the country this could become not only dangerous for those involved in Black Rock City but anyone who then also lives in the cities that the people are traveling from. So this is a very different comparison to wearing a helmet or the traditional ticket disclaimer. Like it or not, we need to realize the Playa/BRC is indeed a part of the default world, and we have to take into consideration how our actions there may be a health risk to those who didn’t choose to go, or have no idea about Burning Man.

      Think about in the early stages of COVID, if any city seeing an outbreak would have had immediate access to a vaccine or measures to prevent the spread available, so people in that city wouldn’t spread it to other places. Wouldn’t we as non-denizens have wanted them to take those precautions so we could all avoid the ensuing deaths and lockdown policies that spread around the world? They didn’t have a vaccine at the time, but we do, along with other preventative measures.

      Or perhaps a closer analogy for Burning Man would be STIs. Don’t we all wish and hope people wear condoms or use other appropriate measures to prevent any spread of STIs while on playa and bringing back home? No, we don’t test for STIs at the gate, but getting an STI requires a different kind of consensual interaction to spread than breathing or eating in close proximity or on a dance floor (although I’m sure there are certain STI-possible-transmission consensual interactions happening on certain consensual dance floors at BRC )

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  • Garybertz says:

    Only vaccinated burners can climb the heap of cars with the bar at the top

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  • Thomas Bagan says:

    I think one of the biggest problems in our risk-averse society is trying to make policy on the grounds of keeping everyone “safe”. How many laws and regulations have been forced upon us in the name of “safety”? Has anyone ever asked what the precise definition of “safe” is? How about this definition of “safe” that I found: being “secure from threat of danger, harm or loss”. So what exactly does that mean? Does that mean 100% free of danger, or maybe just 75%? How do we measure that? What exactly is a danger? What are all the precise conditions with corresponding probabilities and risks at the event that make someone feel or not feel free from any “danger, harm or loss”? Is COVID the only threat? What do we do about alcohol and drug abuse at the event, lung cancer from second-hand smoke, potential hearing loss, COPD from breathing dust, cracked skulls from crashing on a bike while not wearing a helmet, or skin cancer from excess exposure to UV rays? Do we all demand 100% security via rules and regulations from ALL threats of danger, harm or loss from all of these factors, or perhaps lesser amounts of security from only some of them? Should Burningman.org stop the event altogether because it is impossible to keep all participants feeling “safe” all of the time? Is it possible for society to accept that we all assume calculated risks in everything we do from cradle to grave? Are you one of those who needs your hand held by your mother every time you walk across a street or do you accept responsibility for your own “safety” while crossing? How many of you text and drive, or do you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel so that you are looking out for the safety for others as well as your self? Bottom line is that “safety” is relative and in the minds of the beholder. If you want to feel “safe” from COVID, get vaccinated and wear whatever personal protective gear you feel necessary……just don’t mandate that for everyone.

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  • Rex Blazer says:

    Suck it up, Buttercup! Get your shot, or find a super spreader event somewhere else!

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    • CityByTheBay says:

      You realize that many can’t take the vax because they have medical conditions. You sound like an ableist who discriminates against people with medical conditions, then you are not a burner.

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  • Droit says:

    Just did the Burner Art Safari a couple days ago and and half of the art installations are not there right now and it needs to be updated for anyone going …

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  • Clarke Acton says:

    Burningman should be divided into two sections separated by a great wall. One side would have the free-choice people who are willing to take known calculated risks and live with the results. These people could be vaccinated or not. The other side will be the ones who only want to associate with those who like themselves have received the vaccine. This side will have extra precautions along with vaccinations like no dangerous mutant vehicles and no camps that could injure a burner like roller skating. This way everyone could go and the event would be truly inclusive. It would also separate all the judgmental anti-choice prudes from the people I would like to hang out with on the free-choice side that welcomes non-vaccinated people.

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    • We can't wall off society/"default world" right? says:

      Interesting thought experiment. For this part “One side would have the free-choice people who are willing to take known calculated risks and live with the results. These people could be vaccinated or not.” how does it take into account the free-choice people who chose to not go to BRC, either because they knew about it and took the calculated risk choice to not go, or because they’ve never heard of BRC and BM and so weren’t able to add that to their list of options. Do they live with the results of their own choices, if someone from BRC came back home and transmitted it to them unknowingly? Trying to understand how you see the societal interactions between consenting individuals and non-consenting/non-involved-with-the-original-choice individuals.

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  • Adrian says:

    I’m already vaccinated, but I can’t believe BM will be the first place to say to me “Show me your papers”.

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  • Anon says:

    What happened to the mention last week of a negative test?

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  • Chameleon says:

    Thank you for keeping us safe! This news brought me relief and excitement to go!

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  • Ben says:

    All of the anti-vaccine people are just bitter if they won’t be able to go due to safety concerns, and would rather not have FOMO if the event can proceed without them. Very selfish and not BM culture at all!

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    • Elle says:

      Yeah, a healthy middle aged man I know died suddenly within 24 hours of getting his vaccine. So I guess I’m touchy about it. No one should be bullied into getting a rushed and unproven vaccine when life and death is on the line. Some of us get touchy about that.

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      • Curious about impacts says:

        I’m sorry that happened to you. Can you post a link to an article about it so I can share with my medical community?

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      • Robert X. Planet says:

        I’m surprised that wasn’t headline news, worldwide! Since vaccine deaths are statistically nil. I, too, would like to see documented proof. BTW, if this person was really a friend and actually died, I’m truly sorry–but have all possible causes been considered?

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      • Tremiaine says:

        Correlation is not always causation

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  • Magnum says:

    New item for piss clear’s “what’s in what’s out”

    What’s out: counterfeit tickets
    What’s in: counterfeit vaccine cards

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  • Leigh Renfrow says:

    Well I am an older burner as are many of my friends. The vaccine has allowed us to start to venture out in the world again. I believe the vaccines are safe and very effective. If not required for the event many people like myself will not attend. I am healthy but my age alone makes me more vulnerable so I feel sorry that many of the younger burners are not considering how this affects my age group. Yes there can be exceptions to vaccine due to health issues but rapid covid testing is not too reliable. PCR tests much better and the logistics would be crazy. Please don’t drop the vaccine requirement.

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    • Jennifer Tucci says:

      If you believe that the vaccines are so effective and you have received yours then why would you worry non-vaccinated people attending the event?

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  • Elle says:

    My body, my choice. I can’t support an organization trying to force people to get a vaccine. Those who feel the vaccine protects them, go ahead and protect yourself. I’ll take care of myself as I see fit. This push for conformity is messed up. I’m heart broken to find I have to ethically split from my BRC home.

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    • Morroco says:

      Mobs have no ethics.

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    • Wondering about 'force' says:

      Honest question: Could you clarify how you feel forced to get a vaccine?

      From my POV, I would use a different word, since, if I understand your perspective correctly, this would then be similar to being ‘forced’ to get a ticket/pay to enter? Or ‘forced’ to bring food and water and other items to ensure one’s health on the playa?

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  • Emilie D. says:

    I’m relieved, not just for the potential 2021 event, but for the communities (especially the vulnerable Native Communities) surrounding BRC.

    Thank you Burningman for uplifting the community principle.

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  • Great Grey says:

    Another aspect of this issue that BM leadership is probably wrestling with is …. people that build BRC vs people that are only there during event week. It takes a gigantic effort of dedicated volunteers to build BRC each year. Without that group, BRC does not happen.
    Some theme camps and individuals had already pulled out this year, even before any mention of required vaccination. We are definitely not back to “normal”.. however you want to define that.
    The one thing I am sure of … I do NOT envy being BM Leadership … so thanks to Marian for communicating!

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  • Sarah Johnson says:

    You gotta be kidding me! How far are you gonna go to push your vaccine agenda for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate? Shame on you! Those who got vaccine they should be ok, right? If t he vaccine works… And those who didn’t, they are responsible for their own health. We are all adults here. Stop dictating people. Our health is not your f**king business. You are going against the whole idea of the event.

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  • McFly says:

    Just cancel again…it’s not worth all the arguing about vaccine requirements.

    Requiring the COVID vaccine is the only way to make an event of this size safe but again, the arguing and rantings of the anti-vaxxers just takes the fun out of it.

    Regroup and let’s plan for a drama-free event in 2022.

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  • Smitty says:

    Pro vaxxers : yay get the vaccine & let’s protect ourselves & everyone around us as best we can. Young, Old, the immune compromised, our community, the neighboring communities. BURNINGMAN IS IMPORTANT TO US.!!

    Anti Vaxxers : My body, my choice. I’ll do my best to not get myself sick or anyone else, BUT if someone does get sick by me or any one like me oh well.!! You knew what you signed up for, the burn is all about risk, being in the desert is a risk you should have stayed home. MY BURN IS IMPORTANT if you die it’s your fault.

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  • Kickstand says:

    Given the current state of everything it seems to early to have another burn. I know we are all excited to get back out there but with this huge push for “safety protocols” Its just going to create problems. Vaccine or no vaccine it should remain personal and private like all other health related topics.
    It saddens me to suggest not having the burn but seems most logical.

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  • Basic ethics says:

    The vax decision is wrong on so many fronts.
    One of them being splitting the community.

    Weather I am vaxed or not, calling the shots in favor of shots is planting a divisive seed. Radical exclusion on basis of medical conditions.. becuase not everyone can get the shot due to them.

    Burning the man?!
    Not any more. Quiet the opposite.

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  • D. Butts says:

    It’s been a tough year for everyone and we all missed Burning Man last year. We are all looking forward to getting back to “normal”, but we are not there yet. Worldwide more than 3 million have lost their lives early due to SARS-CoV-2. More that 500K in the US.

    There are those that are against the mandatory vaccinations. Some say, “My body. My choice,” Or “If you are vaccinated why should you care” if I am vaccinated? And there are very valid comments about those international Burners that will not be able to attend. And yes, you can develop COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine. After more than 225 million vaccinations there have been a little over 6,000 cases of people contracting the disease. But “What happens on the Playa stays on the Playa” is simply not true during an international pandemic.
    With 60,000+ people gathering in one spot for week we need to think about what Burning Man is about. Radical Inclusion is one of the 10 Principles. But so are Civic Responsibility, Communal Effort, Gifting, and Leave No Trace.

    It is our Civic Responsibility to protect each other. Not just ourselves. It will take a Communal Effort to do so. Our Gift to others, be it those in Gerlach, Empire, or any of the dozens of gas stations, cities, or airports on the way back home, is to protect them as well.
    And we will Leave No Trace of sickness in our wake as we head back home.

    It’s not about me. It’s not about us. It’s about Burners showing the world that we care about others. Please get vaccinated if you are able. If you are not able to, please wait until next year to attend when all of this will (hopefully) be behind us.

    Let’s all pray and hope for a safe Burning Man this year. And let’s all take care of each other.

    I hope to see us all in the Dust this August.

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  • M says:

    Your choices: get a vaccine and attend BM or don’t and come next year.
    You are also not allowed to bring fireworks, lasers, or guns. Why can’t covid be on that list too?
    If you have a medical condition that prevents you from getting the vaccine then get a doctor’s note and get tested within 72 hours of entry. We do make a mobility exception to no driving on the playa, we can handle the handful of burners whose doctors advise them to not get the vaccine.

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    • Jill says:

      >Why can’t covid be on that list too?
      Because the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting it, or transmitting it. So everyone would have to stay home to keep Covid off the playa.

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  • P. says:

    These comments are ferocious and with one even suggesting a partitioned BRC (jokingly or not) it’s hard to feel any communal effort. It won’t be long until they end up quoted in other places outside the community – sad to see the callous anti-science and anti-vaccine sentiments that are sure to be applied to all of us.

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  • Frankly says:

    I am attending an international convention in early June that will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees and exhibitors are from all over the world.

    Normal attendance ranges from 35,000 to 50,000. The convention takes place over two and a half days, it has indoor exhibits, indoor class room education and outdoor exhibits.

    There is NO shot requirement to attend, only masking and the six feet distancing. We will have our temperatures taken prior to entering the indoor exhibits.

    There is NO shot requirement for attending this indoor/outdoor convention with 35,000 to 50,000 people in a much smaller and more confined space than Burning Man.

    The government should not require harsher rules for attending Burning Man than the rules for attending this convention.

    The Org. should not require harsher rules for us to attend Burning Man.

    The Org. should NOT require a shot to attend Burning Man.

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