Tune In, Log On, and Participate ~ 2021 Virtual Burn Tickets Are Now Available!

Buckle up — the Virtual Burn is back for 2021. With another year of digital co-creation under their sparkly belts, independent teams of Burners and digital creators from across the known Burner-verse are hard at work building Virtual Burning Man 2021, which will in full swing from August 22 through September 7, 2021.

Wherever you are and however you long to participate, you’ll be able to dive into six of the awe-inspiring Worlds from last year’s 2020 Burning Man Multiverse — all bigger, bolder, wilder, and weirder for 2021.

Tickets for this year’s Virtual Burn experiences are officially available. Visit this ticketing page* to secure your spot in any one (or more!) of the six amazing Virtual Burn Worlds, playing host to one and all — from experienced Burners to those who are exploring Burning Man culture for the first time.

Each World is offering unique, radically inclusive opportunities to engage as a participant and creator in the wildly expressive global Burning Man community. Anybody with an internet connection — anywhere! — is invited to explore eye-popping 3D art, meet virtual Burners from around the world, participate in community workshops, dance all night, and endlessly explore multiple virtual playas during Virtual Burn Week — whether you’re dropping in with a VR headset, a desktop computer or a mobile device.

The 165,000 virtual Burners who participated in these whimsical, interactive, and awe-inspiring experiences in 2020 discovered Burning Man is more than a physical place — it’s an opportunity to engage deeply with others through authentic connections around a shared passion for Radical Self-expression, wherever you live.

Discover what’s in store, learn how you can participate, get your tickets, and gear up to join us in the digital dust for Virtual Burn Week 2021!

What’s In Store? Oh, the Places You’ll Go …

The amazing teams behind the 2020 Worlds are reigniting them for 2021, building out bigger, richer, and more interactive environments for Burners to play, collaborate, celebrate, and participate. Scroll down to learn more about the 2021 Virtual Burn experiences, including:

  • BRCvr
  • Build-A-Burn
  • Dusty Multiverse
  • The Infinite Playa
  • SparkleVerse
  • BURN WEEK: Global Live Stream

And, as has been the case since it went online in 2003, you can drop in and check out Burning Man’s long-running virtual Regional community, BURN2.

Learn more about all the worlds on the Virtual Burn website.

How YOU Can Participate & Get Involved
Just like Black Rock City, the Worlds of the Virtual Burn depend on folks like YOU to co-create the magic we all enjoy in the virtual dust. Your creativity, collaborative energy, and passion for the 10 Principles will help bring the best of Burning Man culture to these amazing experiences. Learn how to bring your art installation, mutant vehicle, theme camp, performance, workshop, yoga class, or [your awesome idea here] into the virtual realm! You can also volunteer your technical development or other skills (such as helping to get the word out) to help these Worlds manifest their visions. Here’s how to participate!

*Virtual Burn 2021 is being created by the community for the community. Burning Man Project is facilitating participation in these independent experiences by making tickets available on behalf of their producers. See the Virtual Burn 2021 FAQ for more details, including Burning Man Project’s ticket terms and conditions and the contact information for each experience.

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  • Rad Johnny says:

    This sounds AMAZING! I was kinda thinking about going out to the playa at the illegal burn, but this sounds 1 million times better! Last year’s virtual burns was mind blowing. I met so many friends that I don’t know what to do with. I can’t wait to stay home and do this alone in my room where it’s safe. See you there!!!1!!1 (virtually, of course ;-)

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  • Gerflash says:

    I’m not sure if I want to pay anything for a repeat of last year: I’d seen all the fine features of each universe, but NO instructions for how to get into any of them. I’m sure the software brains who invented each knew how to do it, but though these worlds impressed, their creators never expressed the HOW. Looks pretty much the same here so far. Can anyone send me “their operating manual” or their “getting into this world cookbook?”

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  • Happy bubbling my friend. Have a great time too!

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  • Yay! Just in time that I have been looking for more of this now. Thanks a lot!

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  • Pixelmon Mod says:

    Happy bubbling my friend. Have a great time too!

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  • Been waiting for this update for a while and glad it’s here!! :D

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