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About the author: Kristy Neufeld

Kristy Neufeld

Kristy Neufeld (aka Brinkley) is the Managing Editor for Burning Man Project. She oversees the Communications team’s various public-facing channels—including the Burning Man Journal, Beyond Burning Man on Medium, the Burning Man Project website, and more. After years of living vicariously through other Burners’ stories, Kristy finally experienced the joy of dust in all the wrong places in 2019 as she stepped onto the Black Rock City playa for the first time. She camped in Kidsville, volunteered at Arctica, and was struck by the immense beauty and magic of the people, art, quiet sunrises and howling sunsets. A self-proclaimed word nerd with a creative soul, Kristy spends her free-time on the road between California and Colorado, in the great outdoors with her two dogs—Winnie & Joon—living in a van called 'Ronda.'

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