“Infiniswing” Sparks Connection Through Collaborative Play

Nothing invites children to the moment more than a swing set, and it’s from this that artist Sharón Chandally Pedrini felt the impulse to build an adult-sized reminder to lean into our inner sense of play.

She envisioned a Möbius strip, a single unified structure that is part swing, part upside-down see-saw that can only be propelled when at least two participants choose to sit on opposite sides and play together. The swing’s purpose: to evoke the feeling of falling in love, where time stops, and everything is blurred other than the eyes you’re gazing into.

And yes, you will be able to experience Sharón’s compelling exercise in cooperative motion in Black Rock City this summer. Recipient of an Honoraria grant, the “Infiniswing” is a nine-foot-high face-to-face swing that invites dusty explorers to connect, climb, and even exchange vows. 

“Infiniswing” by Sharón Chandally Pedrini (Rendering courtesy of the artist)

Sharón Chandally Pedrini is a jeweler who always dreamed of expanding her craft. “Even though I’m a fine jeweler working at the tiniest scale, for years I’ve talked about wanting to build large-scale interactive sculpture.” 

Born and raised in Manhattan, Sharón comes from a lineage of Yemenite filigree jewelers. After receiving a degree in musical instrument construction, Sharón moved to Tel Aviv to study the ancient technique of filigree jewelry with two of her elderly great uncles, who have since passed away. She now works to carry forward an ages-old technique traditionally practiced by men, while breathing new life into the style by using contemporary forms. This aesthetic can be seen in her jewelry as well as the traditional filigree zig zag motif in “Infiniswing”’s surrounding circle. 

Sharón Chandally Pedrini (Photo courtesy of the artist)

The “Infiniswing” is Sharón’s way of bringing people together, sparking love and connection through movement. As a mother of two, she is constantly amazed at the ingenuity of her children’s minds, and the way nature transports them to a place where they’re spontaneous and deeply connected to a sense of wild play. 

The exploratory and collaborative nature of “Infiniswing” within the context of Black Rock City caught the interest of a University of Haifa research team led by Tal-Chen Rabinowich. On playa, the team will be observing interaction with the piece, exploring its capacity to spark cooperation and depolarization through synchronous movement.

Rabinowich explains: “We are fascinated to examine the influence of the ‘Infiniswing’ experience on Burners’ social stances and interactions. In past research, we discovered that children’s swinging in synchrony had a great impact on their collaborative skills. In this project we will explore the impact of the ‘Infiniswing’ on modes of discussion, collaborations, and perspectives.”

“Infiniswing” by Sharón Chandally Pedrini (Rendering courtesy of the artist)

The “Infiniswing” will be fabricated from powder coated steel with wooden seating, and framed by a nine-foot-high Möbius inspired loop. Sharón designed the piece to be visually distinct from every angle, while beckoning onlookers to consider the “impossibility” of its shape. At night, the structure will be illuminated from all sides, creating a sea of moving shadows as participants accept the invitation to explore.

“The Möbius strip has always intrigued me. I love how it moves from plane to plane and does not have a distinct top or bottom. The ‘Infiniswing’ shape is inspired by the strip, but another twist is added, so that theoretically, if walking along one of the planes you mysteriously cross over to the other plane, then come back to the same plane you started on. To me, this symbolizes a type of connection where you have gone through a journey then come full circle.”

“Infiniswing” by Sharón Chandally Pedrini (Rendering courtesy of the artist)

The “Infiniswing” is here to remind us all to embrace our inner child, engage in spontaneity, and work together. It is open to people of all abilities and there is no barrier to entry. Sharón foresees its potential as a vehicle for peace talks and conflict resolution. Stop by “Infiniswing” Monday to Friday at 6 pm for the “Infinite Gaze” event, which invites friends and strangers to swing together and communicate through the power of their gaze. Expect magic. And maybe even love.

For more information and to support this project, visit their website.

Cover image of “Infiniswing” by Sharón Chandally Pedrini (Rendering courtesy of the artist)

About the author: Maya Waldstreicher

Maya Waldstreicher

Maya Waldstreicher is from Denver, Colorado. She is a fan of parody social media accounts, and an “Infiniswing” enthusiast. She is an avid runner and in her free time you can find her recruiting various friends for ultra marathon relay races (sometimes with little success).

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