Diversity & Radical Inclusion

This long-form series is designed to spark conversation about diversity, Radical Inclusion, and differences in the global Burning Man community. Topics include: where the lines are for cultural appropriation of art, music, and fashion, is “Why aren’t there more people of color at Burning Man?” the question we should be asking, how far the 10 Principles stretch beyond the playa, and what being a year-round, worldwide culture means for the inclusiveness and diversity of Burning Man.

(Header image: “Paradisium” by Dave Keane & Folly Builders and “Smile High Club” mutant vehicle by Greg Keegstra (International Terminal G), 2022 (Photo by Jamen Percy))


More on This Important Topic…

  • An Update on Our R.I.D.E. Pledge

    In August 2021, we published our Radical Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Anti-Racism Pledge. We set some short and long-term objectives, and asked: What would it look like for Black Rock City and all of our global communities to be more radically inclusive and diverse?  A year and a half later, so much has happened — …Read More
  • What I Learned from Bringing My First Art Piece to Black Rock City

    What the heck just happened? It’s been months since we left the desert and I’m still working through this in my head. So bear with me. In fact, I’ll probably need a year to process what happened to me, how I feel about it, and then to find better words for articulating it. What I …Read More
  • My Boundless Experience at Burning Man’s Charitable Auction

    Boundless Space…. what a whirlwind of a week. I experienced an out-of-the-box collision of two worlds with more in common than one may think. The collaboration brought together Sotheby’s, one of the oldest auction houses in the world, and Burning Man, one of the largest and most unique experiences driven by artists and creatives. It …Read More
  • Neon Voices by The Crisis Labs Art Collective, 2020 (Photo by Truman O'Brien)

    Neon Voices: An Anti-Racism Illuminated Urban Art Piece

    These last eight months have left me feeling angry, frustrated and confused. The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (to name just two) at the hands of police are piercing reminders of the systemic racism and police brutality embedded in our society. With the cancellation of Black Rock City, my friends and campmates had …Read More
  • An Update on Diversity & Radical Inclusion

    As an organization that believes the world’s a better place with Burning Man in it, and one that’s committed to spreading the culture that comes from Black Rock City throughout the world, we have a long way to go when it comes to race and diversity. As a culture that preaches the virtues of diversity, …Read More