Diversity & Radical Inclusion

This long-form series is designed to spark conversation about diversity, Radical Inclusion, and differences in the global Burning Man community. Topics include: where the lines are for cultural appropriation of art, music, and fashion, is “Why aren’t there more people of color at Burning Man?” the question we should be asking, how far the 10 Principles stretch beyond the playa, and what being a year-round, worldwide culture means for the inclusiveness and diversity of Burning Man.

(Header image: “Broken But Together” by Michael Benisty; design by Tanner Boeger; photos by Leori Gill and Philippe Meicler)


More on This Important Topic…

  • An Update on Diversity & Radical Inclusion

    As an organization that believes the world’s a better place with Burning Man in it, and one that’s committed to spreading the culture that comes from Black Rock City throughout the world, we have a long way to go when it comes to race and diversity. As a culture that preaches the virtues of diversity, …Read More
  • Gatekeeping at Black Rock City and Beyond

    From Nexus: This piece was written before COVID-19 became a pandemic and the subsequent announcement about Black Rock City going virtual. In this perfect storm, we are also experiencing a moment and movement of protest and resistance against institutional and systemic oppression. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery might …Read More
  • The State of the Diversity Conversation (Observations From the Field)

    I don’t want to talk about diversity right now — I don’t have anything new to say about diversity at Burning Man that I haven’t already said elsewhere (such as here, here, and here).  But I do want to talk about the conversation about diversity. Let’s get meta. I’ve recently been traveling around to different …Read More
  • From Playa to Prince George: Life Outside the Frame for an Artist of Color

    In early 2019, the Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center in Maryland held a three-month show featuring my “Soul Illuminance” collection, one of two exhibitions displayed at the Everywhere Pavilion in Black Rock City 2018. When the museum asked me to hold the show, they had been looking for somebody who experienced a …Read More
  • Fly Ranch: Applications Open for Women Writers of Color Expedition

    Fly Ranch and Burning Man Project, with the support and vision of Yodassa Williams and an advisory committee, are excited to be hosting our first writing expedition for women of color and non-binary persons of color this October 3 – 6 at Fly Ranch. More details will be forthcoming for accepted participants, but for now …Read More