Fly Ranch

Fly Ranch is a new year-round venue for Burning Man activities. This 3,800 acre site opens the door to new possibilities, exciting cultural experiments, and art and innovation projects on a scale never before envisioned.

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Latest Posts

  • So, What’s Actually Happening With Fly Ranch?

    Now that the DPW’s Playa Restoration All-Stars have finished walking the last of the line sweeps in Black Rock City (Leave No Trace!) and our ephemeral metropolis now exists only as memories and photographs, Burning Man has packed up the last of our bags and hit the slightly-less-dusty trail until next summer, right? Well, not …Read More
  • It’s Been a Busy Year for Fly Ranch, and We’re Just Getting Started

    2018 has been a busy time at Fly Ranch, Burning Man Project’s 3,800-acre property purchased in 2016. The project has transitioned from theoretical questions of “how might we” to the first of many practical small-scale experiments. The community has begun joining us on the property to explore the space, share ideas, and participate in the …Read More
  • Making Sense of Fly Ranch — #3: Smell

    In this five-part blog series, Burning Man Project Land Fellow, Lisa Schile-Beers (a.k.a. Scirpus), will share the ecological survey work she is doing on Fly Ranch by using touch, taste, smell, sound and sight to frame her findings and guide you around the property. Burning Man’s Fellows program is an investment in people, leadership and …Read More
  • Visiting Fly Ranch: Idea Roundup

    “I probably shouldn’t have worn sandals,” I thought as we piled out of two unmarked white vans. We were about 30 minutes from the site where Black Rock City was still being born by thousands of building Burners. I never imagined leaving BRC would be something I’d actually want to do, even during the early …Read More
  • Making Sense of Fly Ranch — #2: Sound

    With a year-round water source at Fly Ranch, a suite of species occurs that would be hard-pressed to find comfort in a typical dry desert environment. From dusk to dawn in late spring, an entire chorus of frogs erupts, with Pacific chorus frogs leading the orchestra and bullfrogs providing the bass. If you stand in just the right spot, you encounter a complete surround-sound experience of amphibian song. Staring up at the Milky Way, it honestly brought me to tears when I heard it for the first time. This property never ceases to amaze me. …Read More
  • Making Sense of Fly Ranch — #1: Touch

    During the first month of my fellowship, a constant question kept popping up: how do I relay the data I’m collecting in a tangible and digestible way to the Burner community? And it occurred to me that the best way to do it was through how I experience it — the five senses. So I explore the property with each thoughtful step and with acute attention to the senses of touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. I hope that you enjoy these small glimpses into the remarkable beauty of Fly Ranch. …Read More
  • Gerlach, Burning Man, and Where It All Goes From Here

    Every now and then you get a reminder of where you are on the planet as you sit and work and play in the dust of the Black Rock Desert. The reminder usually comes when you make your way back into the town of Gerlach – to pick up a package, visit the office, maybe …Read More
  • What’s in a Gift? The Making of Fly Ranch

    Burning Man is simply not possible without gifting. If you’ve ever been to Black Rock City, you know how this goes. You receive countless gifts of all kinds, big and small, day and night. It’s almost as if 70,000 people are singularly focused on making you happy, bringing you joy, making your experience more interesting, …Read More
  • We Bought Fly Ranch

    Wait, what? Burning Man Project has purchased the Fly Ranch property, 3,800 acres of land located twenty-one miles north of Gerlach in Washoe County, Nevada. …Read More