Regionals Reawaken: A Blog Series by Roxane Jessi

Roxane Jessi is an intrepid world traveler who spent the last few years participating in Burning Man Regional Events around the globe, from Blazing Swan and Burning Japan to Fuego Austral and Midburn — an odyssey chronicled in her soon-to-be released book, Once Upon a Time in the Dust. This is a series of blog posts exploring the diverse Burns that took place around the world in 2022, sharing the sights and sounds that Roxane experienced in these diverse cities of dreams.

  • How Grants Breathe Cities of Art into Life

    Every year the Black Rock City Honoraria program supports artists in creating art for the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, one of the most awe-inspiring art experiences in the world. But beyond the Nevada playa, many established Regional events, regardless of size, offer art grants to participants.  Through these grants, event organizers …Read More
  • Regionals Reawaken: Wild Borderland

    Borderland, Sweden’s Regional Event, epitomizes Communal Effort. I was fortunate enough to take part in its main gathering this summer in the enchanting Swedish woodland. I then returned in December for an unofficial decompression event in Stockholm. Both experiences demonstrated the strength of this year-round community. I land in a frozen Sweden in the depths …Read More
  • Midburn 2022: Trip Report From Israel’s Negev Desert

    Originally published on October 29, 2022 | Reposted with permission from the author Midburn. A return to dust. But instead of white powder blowing like wispy dancers across the Nevada plains, the sands of Israel’s Negev Desert shift like golden tides over tall dunes. Dunes that are made to be explored, wrapped in thick desert …Read More
  • Regionals Reawaken

    Originally published on August 14, 2022 | Reposted with permission from the author Last year — for the second year in a row — most of us sat at home and experienced Black Rock City (BRC) and its Regionals through a screen, or via a headset as an avatar. I remember the rather unceremonious burning …Read More
  • Black Rock City in a Maelstrom

    Holding hands with my sister and playa family while the Man burst into flames, the dancing fire reflected in our eyes, having lived an unforgettable week of fun and adventures. This was the ending I was expecting after three years off playa during which I sorely missed our Home and poured my heart into writing …Read More