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Many years ago on a night of playa wandering I came upon an amazing work of art. I didn’t even know the name of it. I sat utterly mesmerized by it and returned throughout the week to participate. Later I would find out it was Sisyphish, also affectionately known as The Swimmers, by Peter Hudson. It was the beginning of my unabashed love of Peter’s zoetropic genius.

Peter Hudson's Sisyphish
Peter Hudson’s Sisyphish

He has has graced the playa with many creations following Sisyphish, in 2004 with Deeper (aka the divers), 2007’s playful Homouroboros (aka The Monkeys) and 2008’s Tantalus. Returning this year after a two-year hiatus he is brings us Charon. Based in Greek mythology, Charon is the gondolier to the afterlife. This interactive artwork will physically engage people in “a vigorous genuflection of sorts.”

Peter Says of his latest work:

The greatest joy and passion of my life has been building and presenting large, stroboscopic zoetropes at Burning Man.  I am taking all that I have learned to the next level and I am truly inspired.

The best part of this year’s project is that WE can all help make it happen by supporting Peter’s Kickstarter campaign.


As we saw last year, Kickstarter is an essential tool that many artists use to complete their visions of participatory art.

Please help me bring this vision to Black Rock City – there is no way it can happen without you!!!  Thank you so much in advance for your support. –Peter Hudson

About the author: Jess Hobbs

Jess Hobbs

People have often described Jessica Hobbs as someone trying to lead a compulsively artistic life, which is more or less true. She started off her adventure in a small Sierra Foothill town and eventually meandered her way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Along the way Jess has worn many hats; running and creating community art programs, counseling teenagers, curating, exhibiting, designing, photographing and creating monumental interactive art experiences. She is an MFA graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute and has been wandering and creating in the dust fest for well over a decade. Collaboration is her magic ingredient for success in work, community, art and life. This can be seen through her founding and directing work with the Flux Foundation and All Power Labs.

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  • affinity says:

    Thank you for your amazing support! We have reached our initial Kickstarter funding goal, but we have more steel to buy and a long road ahead. We hope you will support us in this last push on kickstarter so we can spend more time on construction & fabrication and less time worrying about additional fundraising. Less than 5 days to go on Kickstarter! And we know you will be excited when you can proudly say “I helped make that!”!/PeterHudsonOfficialArtistPage

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  • hudzo says:

    i am blushing. thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiastic support of my work. i too donated to the temple of flux, as i had an income at the time, and obviously appreciate what it takes to bring art of this scale and complexity to life

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