I Remember

IMG_0873Do you remember when we climbed that man made mountain at sunrise? The desert breeze blowing from the west? I can’t recall all the details, because of my exhaustion. We drove all night, and when we finally arrived, me and you being the only two still awake. Decided to set up camp. Hustling to try to beat the day break. We lost the race with the sun, but camp was half put together. The bikes were out, and they must have spoken out to one of us. Not sure whose idea it was to take a quick ride to the east. Riding towards the glowing sun. It shining down on our faces. The air still cool, and the day still as young as a child.

What an adventure that was. The feeling that we had arrived 15 hours from when we had left our home near the water edge. Now filled with a calm of our worries. A release from all the anxiety. We had arrived, and excitement surrounded us.

We where just riding and laughing. How weird to find those cute girls and elegantly dressed men sitting ever so calmly on there small blanket. Eating cheese and drinking wine as the sun floats higher and higher above the distant hills. And how kind they were to call out to us as we cruised by. Offering A greeting and a hug. There words echo in my ears… “welcome home” they said. How long did we stay with them before we rode further into the distance? It couldn’t have been long. The moments flew by and the laughter moved freely. I do remember that that particular moment would be one that i would remember nostalgically. Hopefully for the rest of my life. You were there, we were there, and i don’t believe it could have been any better. I don’t recall wanting anything more in that instance. Everything was for lack of a better word… “Grand”

when we reached that magnificent sculpture. Our boyish nature encouraged us to climb to the top. To concur this man made giant… and so we climbed. Without worry of tomorrow or insurance or thereafter. The top was all that was on our mind, and so we climbed upwards. Towards the clear blue sky. Their we sat perched on heavens front row seat. Viewing the world through fresh eyes… We were home.

by lazyboy

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  • Tyler says:

    Beautifully put! I am a virgin Burner hoping to go this year. Reading this makes it all much more exciting!

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  • LSlice says:

    Beautiful text! you’re giving me the chills. I can, not only see, but feel, what you mean. I’ve been to burning man three times in a row, since my first time in 2011. I felt things there I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Sometimes it takes your breath away beacause everything is just so perfect and you’re so happy you could cry, or shout, or explode! and your heart feels too big for you, for so much poetry and joy and gratitude …
    And now, everyone is about to go home…without me this year…but I know where it is, and I will come back again (even from france, quite a long way though)

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