Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks # 16 “Rangers!”

Episode 16 is less of a “trick” and more of a clarification and definition. “Who are the Rangers and how do I relate to them?” More importantly, “Do I have to act sober around them?!”




About the author: John "Halcyon" Styn


Halcyon is a 21-year Burning Man participant and co-founder of Pink Heart camp. He is author of "Love more. Fear less." and producer of the Burning Man short film, "The Pink Path." He's won Webby awards for his over-the-top personal site & his "Love On Demand" video podcast HugNation.com. Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based "1st Saturdays" homeless outreach program based on Burning Man Principles and coaches people how to be radically self expressed in the default world. You can find his full Playa Tips & Tricks series at www.PlayaPrinciples.com

9 Comments on “Halcyon’s Tips & Tricks # 16 “Rangers!”

  • Claymore says:

    Thank you Halcyon for the love and kindness and helping to inform the community.

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  • Po-Boy says:

    Thanks for the great summation, Halcyon. We’re always looking for more volunteers – if your viewers are interested and have been to Burning Man at least twice, they can find out more about becoming a Ranger here:


    It’s a great way to gift the community some of your time and my experience is that it’s helped me grow and appreciate Burning Man more than just being a participant.

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  • Got A Match says:

    Thank you John for helping me explain what a Ranger is, and just as important what we aren’t. I’ve passed this onto my regional group FB page and upcoming Regional event. Eloquent explanation for all the new folks, and even for the dustier folks.

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  • Thank you, Claymore!
    Thank you, Got A Match!

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  • Jester says:

    Thanks so much, this was a very informative video! LOVE!

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  • roissy says:

    Almost anyone on Playa with a BM Laminate has the same type of underlying role of the Rangers (some of us even go through Ranger Training). Because those of us who are not Rangers have other commitments, we may not be as engaging as the Rangers.

    I find it funny, as one of the few people wearing a watch on Playa, I am continually asked for the time…

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  • Epicycle says:

    Thank you so much for spreading your wonderful description to the community. Burners who may have avoided the Rangers now have a clear picture of who they are and what they do. Thank you!
    Big love and hugs!!!

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  • Rollins says:

    When you’re at BM and you see Rangers grouped together, they’re usually on a training mission. My advice is to steer clear of these groups because they’re looking hard for rule infractions to approach you on and train the greenhorns.

    Also, they’re no denying that some Rangers are on a power trip. The best way to avoid these power-tripping Rangers is to avoid all Rangers whenever possible, just like you would LEOs.

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  • Bayou says:

    Rollins, you’re talking about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rangers. Halcyon is talking about the Black Rock Rangers. Two very different groups with extremely different missions and completely opposite levels of authority…

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