2017 Man Pavilion Shrines and Processionals

With a theme like Radical Ritual, it’s no wonder Burning Man 2017 will be home to 30 different Shrines.

At the center of Black Rock City, 20 Shrines will inscribe a circle around the Man base, known this year as the Temple of the Golden Spike. Throughout the week, the space will be energized with processions and rituals, inviting the denizens of BRC to explore what we as a community consider sacrosanct.

Shrine of Brotherly Love — Philly Burners — Philadelphia, PA

From traditional spirit houses offering protection to playful rituals; from shrines celebrating nature, water, and geographic regions to the exploration of dualities: mortal/divine, virgin/bitch, death/rebirth; from places of quiet reflection to those of simple action; from the importance of touch to the power within our own hands, all Shrines invite participants to engage with the sacred and leave offerings: written, thought, spoken, sung or secret. In the spirit of the sentiment, We don’t burn something to destroy it, we burn it to protect it, when the Man burns on Saturday night, these Shrines and the offerings made unto them will burn with it.

In addition to the 20 Shrines at the Man Pavilion, there will be 10 Shrines in the city Plazas, five in the 4:30 plaza and five at 7:30. The vision is to create small Art Parks within these plazas that work to slow traffic, encourage exploration, and engender interaction as a pathway to discovery. Here you will find an assortment of show-stoppers such as the bronze casting of a shy but helpful animal deity, the makings of a Bacchanalian disco, the physical tracings of our emotional journeys, and an interactive altar to psychedelic Buddhism.

Check out the full listing and descriptions of the Man Pavillion Shrines and Processionals.

The breadth of what these Shrines represent can be attributed to the diversity of their origin of vision. Of the 30 Shrine projects, nine come to us from different U.S. states and seven from countries that span the globe: Argentina, England, Estonia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. Six of the Shrines are from recognized Regional Groups, seven are represented by returning groups, and four of the Shrines will be brought by members of our own Department of Public Works!

The 2017 Shrines are part of the evolution of projects at the Man Pavillion: C.O.R.E., Souk, Midway, Guilds, and now Shrines. What began as an invitation to the Burning Man Regionals to contribute community projects has grown to incorporate artists and makers of all kinds: Regionals, community groups, individual artists and collectives. What’s more, the art at the Man Pavilion has taken on the role of encouraging new artists, introducing them to the Burning Man granting process, and providing smaller-scale opportunities to get acquainted with what it takes to bring a project to fruition in the often unrelenting and unpredictable conditions on playa. Five of the 2017 Honoraria Grants were made to groups that got their start in the Man Pavilion program!

Water protector? Transcendentalist? Looking for your best near future self? In search of a quiet place of reflection? Seeking ancestors? A keeper for your secrets? The help of a Huldre? Somewhere in the dust is a Shrine for every seeker.

Mystic Huldre — Steffin Griswold & MN Regional Burning Arts Cooperative — Minneapolis, MN

Man Pavillion Shrines

Abuelo Fuego — Philip DePoala & Intrepid Arts — Saugerties, NY

Ahimsa Hamsa — Cat Dunleavy, Joe Taylor & Cafe Diem — Kings Beach, CA

Altar de Carroñero/Scavenger Altar — Deadneck West / Carina Botanik — Reno, NV

Ayni Despacho: Planting the Seeds of of Man’s Becoming — Lorraine Esther & the ‘eL Womyn — Gardnerville-Sierra, NV

Buddha Bank — Denver Burners — Denver, CO

Gauchito Gil and the Pagan Gang — Tati Perkins & Gauchos del Fuego — Mexico City, Mexico & Buenos Aires, Argentina

House of the Golden Raven — Eva Reiska with the Estonian Burners — Tallinn, Estonia

Morning Ritual — Camp Furry Gorilla Warfare — Irvine, CA

Northern Spork — Kellie Larson & Tom Mays  with MN Regional Burning Arts Cooperative — Minneapolis, MN

Pagan Bunny Shrine — Sunshine Rae Kelly & Pagan Bunny Builders — Elk Creek, CA

Sacrarium of Serendipity — Singe & Nubbin — Minneapolis, MN

Shrine de Vine — Elizabeth Marley + the Growing Architecture Collective — San Francisco, CA

Shrine of Brotherly Love — Philly Burners — Philadelphia, PA

Shrine of Dough — Andrew Sczesnak & Chris Swimmer — Berkeley, CA

Silent Lotus — Kyle Larrain — Truckee, CA

The Aquarian Shrine — Jade Fusco, The DMZL — Austin, TX

The Gilded Brine Shrimp — Vaughn Perkins — Elk Creek, CA

The Shrine of Lost Moments — German & Berlin Burners — Germany

The Temple of the Inner Bitch — Anna Metcalf & the Bitch Collective — New Orleans, LA

Wings of Eos — Roxane Bounce Williams — Redwood City, CA

Plaza Shrines

AS-IF Shrine — Francesca Gaskin and Panda Camp — London, Great Britain

ASURA Bike — ASURA Bike Team — Japan

Barry the Disco Goat — Christina Solis — Houston, TX

Emotional Journeys — Alexander “Wolf” Griffin — Portland, OR

Internal Flame — Kyle Stryker — Occidental, CA

Leave No Spirit — Bend and Central Oregon Network (BACON) of Burners — Oregon

My Daily, and Lifelong, Hiawatha #1 — Jimmy Descant & Amalgamated Debris Assemblage — Salida, CO

Mystic Huldre — Steffin Griswold & MN Regional Burning Arts Cooperative — Minneapolis, MN

Shrine of the Singing Sun — Servants of the Secret Fire — San Francisco, CA

The Messenger Shrine — Gabriel Allan and The Emissaries of the Burning Heart — Charlottesville, VA

Special call out to our DPW folks

Altar de Carroñero/Scavenger Altar — Deadneck West / Carina Botanik — Reno, NV

House of the Golden Raven — Eva Reiska with the Estonian Burners — Tallinn, Estonia

Internal Flame — Kyle Stryker — Occidental, CA

Silent Lotus — Kyle Larrain — Truckee, CA

Honoraria projects with roots in the Man Pavilion program

Blacksmith Shop — Anton Standteiner & Blacksmith Shop — Truckee, CA

Dance For The Dawn — Karolis Misevicius & Lithuania Burners — Vilnius, Lithuania

Hispatext — Mariano Rodriguez Ribas & Gauchos del Fuego — Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Dragonfly Mating Ritual — Ed VanDyne & Rocky Mountain High Flyers Guild — Loveland, CO

The Temple of Awareness — Bobby Gittins & Utah Builders Community (UBC) — Salt Lake City, UT

Top image: Altar de Carroñero/Scavenger Altar — Deadneck West / Carina Botanik — Reno, NV

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  • HotChickinFeathers says:

    I’m really hoping this year’s theme of Radical Ritual will produce a ton of opportunities for me to Instagram how hot I am doing yoga poses in a G-string, boots, and feathers in front of a look-at-me-spiritualism, faux-orientalist shrine! When the bass drops and the molly kicks in, we can all pretend like we’re changing the world by Radically Expressing our deepest-held Appearance of Spirituality which is really trending on, like, three different Kardashian twitter accounts right now! How’s my hair, and Namaste!

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  • uuuugggghhh says:

    burningman scavenger hunt item #43: find the shrine with the largest breadth of cultural appropriation

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  • Rio says:

    What culture is the Gilded Brine Shrimp appropriated from? Or the Disco Goat? Please tell me. I’m afraid I might not be cool enough to bitch at the appropriate time.

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  • brine shriners says:

    In regards to the Guilded brine shrimp, the theme is radical ritual. i’m afraid you missed the point, you don’t have to bitch you just have to be able to read and understand the theme.

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