GLC 2017: What Is Burning Man’s Secret Mission?

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When Burning Man participants talk about “getting it” or “doing it right,” what is the “It?” Is it “transformation?” Is it “permission?” Is it a particular philosophy or way of life?

At the 2017 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference in Oakland, founding board member and Chief Transition Officer Harley Dubois contends that the “it” is what happens when we step out of the game of money, value and material status and start working on and giving to something we believe in.

About the author: Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell

, a.k.a. Argus, is the publisher of the Burning Man Journal, the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter, and the Burning Man website. He co-wrote a big story about spending 24 hours at the Temple of Juno in 2012. He’s been a Burner since 2008. He writes a blog about meditation called Grind Well. Email:

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