Accuracy Third Audio Survival Guide: Consent & Hygiene in Black Rock City

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The upstanding citizens over at the Accuracy Third podcast have done a couple special episodes on topics that matter a lot, whether you’re out in the desert or not.

One is consent, which our culture (and all cultures) must study, practice, and shout from the rooftops, and we pencil-pushers at Burning Man Project have also published some new resources about it recently. The other is hygiene, which is, of course, also good. You might have some long drives coming up soon for which you are in need of listening materials, so here you go.

Fuck Yes! Consent Culture in Black Rock

What can a consent talk do? Do better at that. Consent is counter to western culture. Express yourself. Cultural Scripts. More thoughtful. There are Rangers and ESDs. Hurt feelings. STDs. Expectations. The Dick Squeeze. The mental health area. Talking photos. Rejection v. Enthusiastic Consent vs. Acquiescing. Questions are everything. Check out: 11th Principle: Consent! and the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.). Music by: Coywolf

When Is It Time to Brush Your Teeth? Hygiene for Action Hippies

Queen Dee talkin’ ’bout feet! Buttercup tells us about personal and camp hygiene. Poni implored you to get a diva cup. Dandy & Pops discuss wet wipin’. Hand and foot ceviche. Crocs & socks (on playa.) Poni’s teeth smell delicious. Rex keeps talking about his socks. Hot Fuzz has a mindful time on playa. Never hear about hygiene again. Coconut oil scuba diving. Armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth. Beth’s feet are jocks. D-day recognizes his limitations. Also, it’s Monistat, not Vagisil. #RealFierce #FierceLife #OlivePower #Curls4Days

The Accuracy Third folks write:

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About the author: Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell

, a.k.a. Argus, was publisher of the Burning Man Journal, the Jackrabbit Speaks newsletter, and the Burning Man website from 2016 to 2019. He joined the Comm Team as a volunteer in 2010 and as year-round staff in 2014. He co-wrote a big story about spending 24 hours at the Temple of Juno in 2012. His first Burn was in 2008.

5 Comments on “Accuracy Third Audio Survival Guide: Consent & Hygiene in Black Rock City

  • Stephen Hoffman says:


    “Fuck Yes! Consent Culture in Black Rock
    What can a consent talk do? Do better at that. ****CONSENT IS COUNTER TO WESTERN CULTURE****” (Caps and emphasis added.)

    What a pathetic, ridiculous, politically-correct statement!! So typical of the know-nothing “antifas” of today. “Consent” is more respected and practiced in Western European/American culture than any culture since the beginning of time. Has the author ever lived or traveled in Africa, mainland Asia, Southeast Asia, or South America? I have. In essentially all of the countries in these regions, the rights of the less-powerful (in most cases, women) are trampled – often brutally – by the more-powerful (usually men), who basically take what they want, abuse who they wish, and get away with it – shielded by the male-only ‘powers-that-be’, and the “legal system/courts” (sic; pitiful joke) of that nation. Has the author read about the numerous recent violent gang-rapes in India? – finally reported over the last several years? Does the author know ANYTHING about the state of the world today ??

    Regarding the non-Western world, in general, we can say that arch-feminist Andrea Dworkin was (basically) right: “Marriage is rape.” And so also in “dating”, and casual meet-ups, and office/acquaintance rape. It is ONLY in the Western and European tradition (and by extension, the American tradition), that in dating or relationships there is a semblance of respect for one’s sexual prospects, and consideration for the morals and interpersonal conduct of “consent” (Harvey Weinstein excluded).

    So – to say otherwise is a lie, or a manifestation of tremendous ignorance (likely), or a gratuitous concession to the the anti-western, anti-white ideology of the Left, today (even more likely). The author who made the statement that “Consent is counter to western culture” is profoundly ignorant of history, social and cultural anthropology, and any minimal understanding of global human rights. Let he or she travel to, and live within, the non-Western cultures, and see for themselves what consent, or lack or consent, is all about.

    It is extremely disappointing to see who is taking the megaphone for “BurningMan” these days. Wisdom and knowledge is being replaced by knee-jerk political correctness and anti-western “values”. Sad. Yet, predictable.

    I will stand by what I say, and won’t hide behind some stupid “playa name”, or social media account.

    My name is Stephen Hoffman, MD – a 12-year burner, 40+ years traveling in developing countries, 40+ nations.

    If the author wishes to respond, I challenge you: tell us your real name, take responsibility, tell us your ACTUAL experience and education in these global matters and analyses, and tell us how you decided that ****CONSENT IS COUNTER TO WESTERN CULTURE****

    Thanks, and have a Nice Day.

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    • Valerie Micham says:

      Thank you Dr Hoffman.

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    • Hi Doc,

      You’re misreading something here. We specify Western culture not in contrast to other cultures, but because we are criticizing our own milieu, and we want to be specific. Our thesis is that it is capitalism that robs you of consent, and I’d be happy to debate the specifics of that point if you’d kindly refrain from throwing up straw men, and resorting to ad-hominems. Did you even listen to what we made, or are you just getting nude, red and mad online based on the copy of this episode?

      If you want to find our identities, we don’t hide. If you want to come talk this over like an adult, we’ll be at our Listener Appreciation Party on Tuesday at 2:00 PM at MASSochists Bar & Dungeon, inside The Hive Village at 7:00 and Esplanade. Come speak your mind, but only if you actually engage with the material.

      Or, if you’re just here to flame and Stan for the neoliberal juggernaut that is turning our planet into a barely habitable hellscape, then fuck yer day I suppose.

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  • Rzer says:

    Remember: No always means no. And yes can also mean no.

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  • Ped says:

    The only way I’ve ever done )’( is to start with a thin layer of lub by dipping both feet in sun melted Crisco and following with 9 pairs of socks – then just peel off a pair a day so by Monday you feel like your walking three feet of the ground cause there’s no more pressure from all the dam socks – Plus it’s exciting to see you’re feet again for the first time in nine days – it’s so simple

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