So You Fell in Love on Playa. Now What?

What can you do; it happens to the best of us. Love strikes like lightning out there. But now that it has happened and your heart is mightily aflutter…what next?

May I suggest listening to the latest episode of the Burning Love Podcast. Veteran Burner and therapist Dr. Beth Gadomski joins the show to share some wise words on love in the dust. Beth is this podcast’s dream guest. One of her clinical specialties is counseling Burner couples navigating the mysteries and travails of love on and beyond the playa. In this episode, she discusses the importance of integrating the best aspects of our Burning Man selves into our everyday lives to help playa love make the leap between There and Here. She also explains why the No Dogs on Playa Policy helps us fall in love faster.

Dr. Beth Gadomski

She did not dye her hair to match this podcast.

Happy listening.

About the author: Alessandra Wollner

Alessandra Wollner

Allie Wollner (Lotus Position on playa) is a Communications Specialist at Burning Man Project specializing on internal communications. She has been a theme camp lead with Milk + Honey and proud camper since 2011. She lives in Oakland, CA. Low-budget, high-concept parties are her preferred creative medium.

5 Comments on “So You Fell in Love on Playa. Now What?

  • Sarah says:

    Whatever you do, if you fall in love, don’t make babies. We don’t need anymore broken condoms attending the event.

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  • roissy says:

    There is a difference between falling in love and falling in lust…
    The problem with English, it has one word covering “love” whereas the Greeks have seven…

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  • Anon says:

    I listened to the podcast this morning–really well done and very nicely explained by Dr. Gadomski with very practical explanations and descriptions. Thank you and I’m glad I listened.

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  • hannah! says:

    I love this podcast! Keep em comin’!

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  • Piney says:

    I feel in love 13 years ago on Playa, 12 years ago I married him on Playa. It’s been pure Bliss every second of every minute of every hour of every day since.
    We definitely keep our burning love alive.

    We’ve never fought, argued or said a ill word to each other.
    Fuck you, it’s magic ❤️

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