Welcome to Burning Man LIVE, the new podcast from Burning Man Project!

Our new podcast Burning Man LIVE is on the air, coming at you from the Multiverse!

A podcast is a perfect medium for sharing stories and cultural conversation. We love listening to them ourselves, and with so many stories about Burning Man culture around the world, making an official Burning Man podcast was nearly inevitable. It’s been on our roadmap for years as a way to share and support Burning Man Project’s mission, and development of our own show was already underway early this year.

This spring when it became clear that Black Rock City would not rise in 2020, we saw the need for keeping connections alive through storytelling as urgent and critical, so our long-term plans to develop a podcast eventually quickly turned into our right-now plans for summer 2020…and a couple of weeks ago, we proudly launched Burning Man LIVE.

It’s available on all the major podcasting networks, and we’ve already posted our first few episodes to give you a taste. New shows will post weekly on Wednesdays.

Please help the show by subscribing on your favorite network (let us know if you can’t find us there), and, if you like what you hear, please leave a review, share on social media, and tell a friend!

You’ll also find Burning Man LIVE on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest, or you can subscribe to our newsletter for episode updates.

About the author: Andie Grace

Andie Grace

Andie Grace returned to the staff of Burning Man in 2019 as a producer of strategic storytelling content. During her original tenure at BMHQ from 2000-2013, she was a member of the Executive Committee, managed the Communications Department, and helped oversee the early development of the Regional Network. During her seven-year hiatus, she co-founded an indie film distribution label, an indie video game label, and a creative coworking hub in Silicon Valley, but ultimately her passion for Burning Man and its cultural future pulled her back to the staff of the Project. She lives with her family in Berkeley, California.

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