New Universes Discovered in the Burning Man Multiverse!

What is a Multiverse made of? Universes. A potentially infinite number of them, each opening up possibilities for infinite unique experiences. Just as in Black Rock City, where you can choose what kind of Burn you want, in the Multiverse you will have many choices.

As our Philosophical Center Director Stuart Mangrum wrote in the Multiverse theme announcement: “What will you be in the Multiverse of Burning Man 2020? Will your reality be augmented, bifurcated, or omnidimensional? What dream-worlds will you step sideways into, and who will you be when you get there? Only time will tell. Or has told. Or is telling.”

It is in that spirit that we are thrilled to announce eight virtual Universes and the standalone Temple experience in the 2020 Burning Man Multiverse — each independently produced by members of the Burning Man community who have demonstrated their commitment to the 10 Principles

Presenting… The Universes of the Burning Man Multiverse

You’ll be able to dive into the Universes via Kindling, Burning Man Project’s virtual events portal. All will feature rich interactivity leading up to and culminating during Burn Week 2020. Many will be free to participants, while others will ask for a financial contribution that will be shared with Burning Man Project.

Just as in Black Rock City, we know that building an experience is just as much fun as living it, and that communal effort is its own reward. The creators of each of these Universes are seeking participants, creators, and collaborators. Visit Kindling to explore the Universes in more depth, and to learn how you can participate and co-create. Together we can make this more grand, more wild, and more authentically Burning Man than anything the Multiverse has ever seen.

Ethereal Empyrean Experience: Temple 2020

The team behind Black Rock City’s Empyrean Temple has embraced the virtual pivot, creating an inclusive, healing Temple space where participants can share, express, grieve, heal, and leave digital offerings during this transformative time. The creators are developing a single-visitor, stand-alone experience meant to facilitate a meaningful solo Temple journey. Participants can create and leave offerings by visiting Empyrean’s upcoming “Offerings Workshop” website in early August, prior to the Temple opening. The Ethereal Empyrean Experience will be officially open to Multiverse participants via mobile, desktop or VR headset August 30 to September 6, 2020. On Sept 6, 2020 at 8pm PDT all are invited to a ceremonial “Temple Burn” of Ethereal Empyrean, during which all offerings and all custom code will be erased.

The Infinite Playa

Welcome to The Infinite Playa, a virtual Burn that will provide participants with the simulated experience of going “Home.” This Universe features a photoreal landscape — from the cracked desert floor to the surrounding mountains and the occasional dust storm. Accessible via VR headset or any browser on a desktop computer or mobile device, the Infinite Playa will feature a robust character creator, enabling participants to generate custom avatars that represent how they would like to appear. Artists, camps and inspired individuals will all have the opportunity to bring their unique offerings — anything from art pieces rendered with full 3D detail, to live-streamed performances. Learn more about the Infinite Playa.


Build-A-Burn is an interactive digital space that has already hosted events, including fantastical remote Burns, all by empowering the community to celebrate their creativity. Using just a browser and webcam on any device, participants will be able to wander an art-filled playa with friends old and new. Prepare to bend the reality of time and space, authentically connect with others in facilitated workshops, stand too close to some of your favorite DJs, and more. Dive in and explore the Build-A-Burn Universe.


Inspired by the Multiverse theme, a crew of veteran Burners has created BRCvr — Black Rock City in full VR, complete with current and past art installations, structures, theme camps, live talks, classes, and performances. Multiverse participants will be able to freely explore a full, at-scale version of Black Rock City. You’ll be able to access the event through Windows and Mac computers and most virtual reality headsets. Lose your friends on the Esplanade; dance at an art car; hunt for Daft Punk at the trash fence… maybe even get lost in a porta-potty. You can visit the Temple, look for your yearbook photo, or even fly to the top of the Man and set off fireworks. Read all about it on the BRCvr website.


The SparkleVerse will feature tools for artists, theme camp organizers, and mutant vehicle mechanics to create immersive clickable spaces through which to deliver whatever imagination calls forth — whether it be music, camp accommodation, a theme bar, an RV, a kitchen, an art piece, or a trash fence party. Accessible via any mobile or desktop web browser, experiences people create will sit on a 2-D explorable playa map, with its uniquely located video avatars and ambient audio; these experiences can also be linked directly from any other playa map. Learn all about the SparkleVerse.


Multiverse is a full-scale, virtual interactive Black Rock City that includes the deep playa. The creators are working with theme camps who are designing virtual communities and sound stages that will broadcast live events, workshops, and live music. And they’re collaborating with artists to translate art installations into 3D form to be experienced on the playa. Participants will appear as 3D avatars who can communicate via live voice in one unified experience, whether on a mobile phone or VR headset. Learn more about Multiverse here.

The Bridge Experience

Created by the team behind the Love Burn, The Bridge Experience is an interactive, fully immersive, 3D web-based virtual reality (XR) Burn accessible via any device. It is a passion project built by new and old Burners who are committed to simplifying the barriers to entry by adjoining Extended Reality (XR) technology with the altruistic principles of ​immediacy, inclusion, accessibility, self reliance, civic responsibility, communal effort, decommodification, gifting, leaving a positive trace, and, of course, self expression and consent. The Bridge Experience team welcomes participation by artists, volunteers, greeters, organizers, creatives, techies, and camps.


BURN2 is the virtual extension of Burning Man and its community, one Regional among more than 100 in the world. Our volunteers spread Burning man culture and the 10 Principles year-round through several seasonal events, culminating with the annual “Big Burn” event in October and “echoing” the look and feel of Black Rock City. BURN2 is accessible via any device with a web browser and a Second Life viewer. In the August VRC event, BURN2 will participate with past Man builds, art installations, an authorized 3D replication and burn of the Empyrean Temple, and “how to” workshops on our own Deep Hole playa. Find out more about BURN2.


MysticVerse is a fully immersive, interactive 3D Universe, a full expression of a virtual Black Rock City complete with theme camps, art installations, live events, deep playa, and more. Its  VR platform is designed to empower anyone to harness their inner artist. Accessible via mobile, desktop, VR and any operating system, participants can build their virtual contributions guided by the MysticVerse team, or co-create art scenes in collaboration with other artists. All are welcome to join the digital village of artists, 2D & 3D modelers, programmers, project managers, UX/UI designers, technologists, visionaries and volunteers. Fill in the MysticVerse participation form to get involved.

Want to get involved? Wander over to Kindling to go deeper into each Universe and learn how you can participate.


Top image: An aerial of BRCvr (Created by the BRCvr team, 2020)

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22 Comments on “New Universes Discovered in the Burning Man Multiverse!

  • Justin Gunn says:

    So amazing to see so many members of the community rallying together to keep the flame alight through. New and different forms. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And with many wills, many ways!

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  • Repeat says:

    Don’t forget the Minecraft burn! Come build your camp!

    Server: (requires Java Edition 1.16)

    Live Map:

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  • Thor Young says:

    Are we still talking about “spreading Burning Man culture”? Does anyone really know what that means? Do I need a shot afterwards? I really wish we can start talking about the impact of participating in Burning Man and how it affects our lives in a positive way instead of referring to it as an STI.

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  • Dane Murray says:

    This is fantastic!

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  • Amazed says:

    This is amazing and fantastic and amazing.

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  • Melania says:

    This sounds pretty terrible, frankly. I’m sure sitting on your sofa wearing a headset will be quite the transformational experience.

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  • Costume Jim says:

    Burners innovate better than anyone and this is all hugely impressive! it is not as awesome as in person, but this will jump our virtual capabilities forward in ways that and will have ramifications for all types of personal and community building activities and can continue to be aspects of live events as they return. 2020 is “the future” and the multiverse is real! and, as Kostume Kult is already good at this, we will be in BRCvr, and offer ‘multi-room’ experiences throughout Burn Week and other times.

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  • Gil says:

    The Temple this year will have a virtual burn including all data and codes to be destroyed.
    So much for my hard ca$h donation.
    PS: I’m no robot.

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  • Potato says:

    So Amazing! I got transformed. I’m a potato. My pronouns are potato

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  • Mojgan says:

    This is amazing adaptation to current situation. Creativity on steroids

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  • Squachek says:

    I applaud the efforts to find ways to get home this year, but I was under the impression that there would be one virtual playa platform to which everyone contributes. Am I correct in my understanding that, other than the Temple project, there are 7 different versions of the exact same thing: a VR Playa? Seems like a lot of duplicated effort that will also make it tough to gather a critical mass of contribution and attendance.

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  • Santee says:

    Tons of support for the hearts, and hands creating continuation and consciousness. Your energy and that of the respondents and participants is infectious and comforting. Just as our moop remediation journeys of 86 some miles. Knowing the following will alarm some remember it is shared with respect: Could we not use the energy for purposes that move beyond? Scholarships for students, access to the internet (if this is indeed 100% beneficial), solar power….I depend on each of you, yet others we don’t see also need us for today and tomorrow.

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  • Gene Miller says:

    BRCvr is a beautiful social VR experience. Superbly textured and breathtakingly expansive.

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  • NovaRealName says:

    So far, only a few have told us what platform/app they are using. This allows us to do all the needed work to make sure we are fully set up by the time the event occurs.

    However, the others are just these webpages with awesome videos of their plans and what we will be experiencing with NOTHING stating what platform or apps to download or even a link on what to do next to make sure we get there. No one goes into Burning Man that unprepared.

    Example: The Infinite Playa and Multiverse…what are y’all using to create your videos to entice us to join please?? You told us you exist, now we need the map!

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  • Chris D. says:

    Has anyone checked out Soundscape VR? ( They are listed on the Kindling site and sounds like the kind of musical open-world experience burners are looking for.

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  • ali says:

    Hello. I am an Iranian who likes to be there and can get acquainted with new lives and new experiences. Unfortunately, I was not provided with a bed to get there. But I love my music, I love being able to achieve my dream one day and experience it there with my love. I do not know the language, but I wrote in Persian in Google ‌ and translated it into English to send to you. We, the people of Iran, live in the worst conditions, conditions in which there is no happiness in life. As an Iranian, I wanted to thank you for making such things happen for human beings. I’m Ali. I love you

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  • Jenny Nordstrom says:

    Ok, I may be a total idiot, but I have just wasted 20-30 minutes on your site trying to find the DATES of the event. I think they are nowhere to be found, which seems like a bit of an oversight. :) Can anyone enlighten me?? Labor Day weekend-ish right?

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  • Kiltboy says:

    Since BLM can’t put a limit on participation, map the ENTIRE playa and convert it to simulation so that it can be used like the first playa years. You could have camps all over the place, even at Fly Ranch!

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