Find Out What’s Going On With Burning Man Project’s Sustainability Roadmap

Can you remember where you were a year ago today? It’s been a wild year, with fires, hurricanes, national uprisings, a global pandemic, and an indescribable catalogue of feelings to accompany it all. It’s hard to believe that just last July, Burning Man Project published our 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap, and now, as we approach the one-year anniversary, we are excited to report how far we’ve come and what steps we’re taking next.

In a year without Black Rock City, we’ve been offered a precious moment to pause and really look at the systems we have in place. In 2019 we set benchmarks for the first two years to measure and reduce impacts, consider offsets, and test pilot projects. We’ve not only started this work but accomplished even more, including a series of regenerative projects with Burners Without Borders.

We’ve got two exciting events coming up where you can get involved and be the first informed. We want your input, feedback and expertise:

  1. Ecosystem Activation: Year One Report – July 17th 12-3pm
    This is the first chance for you to hear what’s been happening and get involved. Join a live community call where you will get updates from our project leads and participate in three breakout sessions where your questions and ideas will be heard. We will be focused on sharing progress in our work towards achieving our three main goals:

      1. Handle Waste Ecologically
      2. Be Regenerative
      3. Be Carbon Negative


  2. Publication of the Sustainability Roadmap Year One Report – July 20th
    Read the whole report and celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the release of the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap on Medium. The 1-year report will include the working roadmaps of each of our three main goals – and we want your input.

So how can you participate? Register to join our July 17 community call on Kindling here and join the FB event here. If you can’t join us live, be on the lookout for the published report on July 20th, with links to the recording of the webinar.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of a whole lot of work done, share in the vision of a whole lot more work ahead, and get involved in mapping out the next steps of our collective vision for environmental sustainability.

Top photo by Benjamin Slater

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10 Comments on “Find Out What’s Going On With Burning Man Project’s Sustainability Roadmap

  • Arlene campbell says:

    Please keep up the good work I found this homeless guy his name is Rafael he builds she sheds she sheds don’t need bldg permits his work of art (she she’d can be seen at alehemany farmers market Tompkins and Peralta he has various herbs growing he is a Dr practically please stop by visit this work of art and his fabulous garden herbal natural plant garden he should be hired to make she sheds they can be picked up and moved by one or two persons it’s amazing

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  • splat says:

    Arlene, you got any she shed photos? Love to see and pass along.

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  • Trevon says:

    Hands up don’t shoot! Oh wait, they’re white.

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  • Rocky says:

    Carbon negative?.. Offer camps incentives (placement, extra tickets) for going wind or solar. These are fairly big investments but some camps can afford it they just need a little “nudge”..

    As far as stuff – I guess many things end up at BM that would have been in a landfill already so it is “second life” for a lot of stuff. Perhaps offsets a lot of new things bought and discarded.

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    • Olga says:

      Yes maybe some things live a second life at burning man but what I saw last year in Reno at the Walmart is that a lot of participants coming in from other countries come and buy plenty of new supplies that end up being thrown away afterwards. After 4 days the Walmart was empty and ppl started going to the other Walmarts farther away. Even being in the parking lot the dumpsters there got full before the event even started from participants throwing away old supplies before head on out to the playa. What I saw was A LOT of waste. It’s beautiful that the plays gets so much attention about leaving no trace but off the playa the trace is very visible.

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  • My Boy Apk says:

    I want to say that in a world full of crap you are building a world full of peace. Thank you for everything. Keep going!

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