Download Your Burning Man Swag for 2021!

It’s August 2021, and the Department of Do-ocracy is missing the yearly swag swap. So two of our best creatives developed special Burning Man logos as a 2021 gift… just for you! Ever seen a Burning Man sticker out in the wild and wished you knew the story of who put it there? Or high-fived someone with the “Man” on their notebook? Now you can have your very own 2021 Burning Man swag. All designs are free to use and adapt, however you see fit — think stickers, flags, T-shirts, patches, decals, or whatever else you can dream up. 

Whether you’re heading out to the playa this summer, participating in the Virtual Burn, or creating a Burning Man experience in your own home or neighborhood, now you can show you’re part of the Burning Man community and connect with other Burners, wherever you are. If we can’t be hugging on the playa and swapping swag, we still wanted to continue the Gifting tradition in some special way. Can’t wait to see your creations out in the world, celebrating being a part of Burning Man. (Happy 35 years!) Fly your freak flag, friends! 

Click the link below each image to download the PDF file:

Click here to download Burning Man 2021 logo #1

Click here to download Burning Man 2021 logo #2

Click here to download Burning Man 2021 logo #3

Cover photo by Susan Becker, flag art by Burning Man Project, 2021
Logo designs by D.A. and Tanner Boeger, 2021

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