Burning Man Project Is Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

Whether you believe it’s the wave of the future or you’re skeptical as a jackrabbit out in deep playa, there’s no denying that cryptocurrency is here and it’s booming. Back in 2014, Burning Man Project began experimenting with accepting cryptocurrency. We’ve learned a lot since then, and the digital currency landscape is changing and evolving tremendously.

Burning Man Project is excited to announce that as of April 2021, we are now accepting a variety of cryptocurrency payment options via BitPay for interested donors. Cryptocurrency continues to open new, innovative doors for donors to contribute and support our ongoing global efforts to bring the Burning Man culture to the world.

Burning Man Project wishes to express their never-ending gratitude to the thousands of generous donors, and the wave of new crypto donors, who have pledged over the years in support of this organization and our amazing community of dreamers and doers.

What are the benefits of donating using cryptocurrency?

The incentive to donate crypto (compared to other currencies) is very high. Since it is considered a property asset (similar to stocks, a house or car), cryptocurrency donations provide a tax write-off and offset the donor’s capital gains.

Because cryptocurrency is uniquely coded, infinitely trackable, and unable to be duplicated or counterfeited, it is considered a very safe and secure form of payment.

How do I donate with cryptocurrency?

Donating via cryptocurrency is easy! Simply visit donate.burningman.org. Click the “DONATE NOW” button and choose the amount you wish to donate. At checkout, you will see BitPay as a payment option. BitPay is the cryptocurrency payment processor we use to process various cryptocurrencies, and it has been a trusted company in this space for over 10 years. You will be able to select which cryptocurrency you wish to use. Your wallet is linked to BitPay to complete the transaction using a QR code, and an invoice will be automatically created for your records. The donations are converted into US dollars and sent to us via BitPay. The entire process is quick and easy.


We are in awe of and grateful for the more than 22,000 donors who made generous donations in support of Burning Man Project in 2020 and 2021 to help us survive this dust storm. Our community is truly amazing, and we could not continue to bring all the art and Radical-ness to the world without each and every one of you. Because of you, we will always Burn the Man. With dusty gratitude, we thank YOU!

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To learn more, check out our Cryptocurrency FAQ here.

Want to make a cryptocurrency donation? Click here to donate to Burning Man Project with crypto, and help keep our future dusty & bright!

Cover image of Ben at “Tranformoney Tree” by Dadara, 2012 (Photo by Bobby Pin)

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7 Comments on “Burning Man Project Is Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

  • Bungee says:

    Stop asking for our money until you can actually GIVE us something in return for it, like the next Burn!

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  • Jonna says:

    Amazing! This is such a great deal.

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  • Jane says:

    I have some Bitcoin that I bought with my stimulus. I didn’t really need the money and I’ve been looking at some charities, but there are so many worthy causes, it’s hard to choose. But then I thought about Burning Man and how much fun it is. So to keep the good times rolling, I’m going to donate it to the party! Let’s rock the desert in 2022! Good times ahead!

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    • Bill Wheeler says:

      I agree! There’s really no better charitable cause than showing yourself a good time and having a party. So many charities don’t spend donations wisely, but you can be sure your charitable donation to Burning Man will be spent very, very wisely. I honestly can’t imagine a better cause to donate money to.

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  • vidmate says:

    Jane spent five years knee-deep in the development of Australia’s Burning Seed and its community. She built and managed Seed’s Communications Team for many years, helped kickstart Melbourne Decompression.

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