Updates, Resources & Info (Oh, My!) for All-Things Art in 2022

To say that we’re excited to be building Black Rock City again (at long last) in 2022 would be the understatement of the year. Whether this is your first time thinking about bringing art, or you’re a long-time veteran of the process, please take the time to read this and share it with your crew. There are important changes you need to know before registering an art project this year. 


There have been several installation policy changes since the last time we gathered on playa; these include: updates to our mobile art guidelines, clarifications about prefabricated structures on playa, updated sound guidelines, and more. If you’re intending to bring art to Black Rock City in 2022, please read our updated Art Installation Guidelines in addition to this post.


The Art Installation Questionnaire to register your art for placement on the open playa in Black Rock City is open from February 23 through June 1, 2022. 

Curious about what kinds of art can be registered and placed on the open playa? Check out this handy flowchart to help you understand whether your project needs to be registered through the Art Department.

REMINDER: Register Early! Traditionally, more than half of playa art is registered in the last few days (or even hours) before the deadline. Please don’t wait. Our artist liaisons do their best to speak with everyone during the registration period, but we’re a small team and people who register on the last day are the last to be contacted. When you wait until the last minute to register, you also join a big wave of last-minuters. This means our inboxes are flooded, and our time and ability to assist narrows — and, more importantly, your options (for placement, assistance, equipment, etc.) narrow, too. 

What if I miss the registration deadline (on June 1)? You may still be able to bring your art with you and register it on playa at the ARTery. Please see the Creating Playa Art page for more information about what kind of art is accepted as a walk-in, as there are quite a few restrictions compared to our standard registration process.

New for 2022: We are not accepting late art registration online. Registering on playa as a walk-in is your only option if you miss the June 1 deadline.

Fire Art Requirements: If you would like to be considered for burning your artwork, you’ll need to submit your Art Installation Questionnaire by April 15th. We’ll be publishing more information soon about this year’s Open Fire guidelines here in the Journal. 

Deliveries to Playa in 2022: The process has changed for artists who plan to hire a company or person to transport their art to Black Rock City. For more information about the permitting process, please see the Arranging Deliveries and Outside Services (OSS) Program web pages. 

Construction of “Bottled Up Genie” by Valerie Elizabeth Mallory, 2019 (Photo by Scott Williams)


Burning Man Hive is a space for the Burning Man community and the Burner-curious to share their skills and knowledge, to learn from one another, and to support each other’s work in the world. It’s free and anyone can participate; simply create an account using your Burner Profile. We highly recommend these Hive courses to artists and the art-curious:


If you’re planning to bring an Art Support Camp for your project, take note of the following Placed Camp Questionnaire and ticket sale dates:


We opened our Honoraria grant program again for 2022 and received 433 Letters of Intent. It was incredible to see all the mind-blowing things our community has been dreaming of creating during the past two years! After a lot of careful reading and thoughtful review, we invited 281 of those projects to submit a full grant proposal, which the Grant Committee is currently reviewing. Follow our channels in early March for the exciting announcement of selected 2022 Honoraria projects! 

Digital rendering of Empyrean Temple, 2022 (Image courtesy of the Empyrean Temple team)


A quick update, direct from the Temple leads:
“With project work sites projected to open in both Reno and the Bay Area in April, the Temple Crew invites YOU to help build Empyrean! Fill out a volunteer information form here. Is fundraising your superpower? You’re needed now! Not near either project site? Not a problem! We have numerous ways to get you involved remotely and a stellar set of volunteer coordinators to ensure you feel welcome and well-placed in a role you’ll love. An updated design and additional information about the project can be found here.”


Thanks for reading, and gold stars for all of you out there, eager to create and build and dream in the dust once again. We can’t wait to see you and all your amazing art on playa for 2022 Burning Man: Waking Dreams. 

Cover image of “Bee or Not to Bee” by Mr and Mrs Ferguson, 2019 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

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Through art grants, mentorship, and art management programs, Burning Man Arts supports the creation of impactful, interactive artwork around the world and in Black Rock City, home to the seminal Burning Man event. Burning Man Arts acts on the belief that community-driven, inclusive, and interactive art is vital to a thriving culture. Get inspired and get involved!

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