Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man!

Have you ever seen Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man?! I bet not. It’s a little cult classic documentary about two circus performers from Canada who made the trek to their first burn way back in 1997. It’s a sweet little love story and adventure, (complete with chainsaws!) back in time to a Burn of years past. The film was released on VHS 10 years ago and has just been re-released on DVD.

What better reason to pay a visit to Vancouver, BC to attend the DVD release party and check out what the Vancouver Burner community is up to.

This time, I was joined by both Marian Goodell and Larry Harvey, two of six LLC members of Black Rock City LLC. We started off the journey by joining a group of Vancouver Burners for “Dress Up Breakfast”, a weekly gathering organized by Napalm Dragon and Snow Dragon of costumed and well dressed folks who meet up for a proper Saturday brunch. The Vancouver Regional Contacts, Uber and Diana joined as along with close to 30 other participants for a morning of coffee, bacon and lots of laughter and conversation.

Dress Up Breakfast
Dress Up Breakfast
Napalm Dragon
Napalm Dragon

Squishelle took us on a tour of Vancouver to check out the sites and to pay a visit to an art gallery exhibit that had just opened the night before. Basil McMahon organized a collaborative group installation that transformed a blank slate space into an environment created from recycled and found objects. Pictures of his work can be found here.

Basil McMahon
Basil McMahon

From there it was off to the screening of Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man. The completely packed hall fell silent as the film opened and we were treated to sharing the adventures of “Tiny” and Tim as they made the long journey from Vancouver to Burning Man. If you are a veteran Burner who attended the event in 1997 this film really is a must see. Familiar faces flashed across the screen as the story of Tim and Tiny unfolded before our eyes.

Post screening Christine, Tim, Director David Vaisbord and our very own Larry Harvey and Marian Goodell hosted a Q and A, a chance for the community to ask any burning questions they might have and to hear what has happened since the film was first released. Check out Circus Orange for a taste of where Tim has taken things.

Larry awards the Director and stars of the film with specially made crowns to celebrate the occasion.

Coronation - Vancouver
Coronation – Vancouver

In true Burner form, the rest of the evening proved to be full of fun. A fashion show, live bands, DJ’s and dancing, costumes galore… there was even a chorus of singing Black Rock Rangers AND a mobile conference room mutant vehicle parked in front, complete with executives and their HR consultant who offered to talk to Larry about the possibility of a new position within the company.

This visit quite short and sweet, I found myself wishing we could stay longer and continue to explore all the amazing things happening in the Vancouver Burner community.

Special thanks to Squishelle for permission to include several of her photos!

Gallery Group

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Bex Workman is the Regional Network Administrator for Burning Man. She is fond of rubber chickens, clowns and pirates. Ye have been warned.

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  • Grasshopper says:

    1997 was my first year of Burning Man. The Juicy Danger Show as well as Tom and Christine in the fash-un show were two of my fondest memories. While decorating my goggles for this years burn I just finished watching the video for the first time in years. Tears of joy and some of the best memories of my life swept before my eyes. It’s been 3 long years without the playa and I’m coming home for 2008! Tom and Tiny thank you for being there with me in the beginning. Perhaps someday I will have the pleasure of thanking you in person.

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