Artumnal Gathering 2015: Celebrating Generosity and Creativity

On November 21, 2015, a thousand revelers gathered at the Bently Reserve in support of Burning Man Arts’ worldwide, year-round public art programs. In the last 13 years, Burning Man Arts’ off-playa art grants have funded 172 public art projects in 20 countries.

For the last nine years, the revenue from the Artumnal Gathering’s ticket sales and auction have been the primary funding for these programs. Little known fact: ticket sales from Black Rock City do not fund these programs, so the amount of off-playa projects Burning Man Arts supports depends on the success of the Artumnal Gathering, donations, and other fundraising initiatives.

This year’s event raised a net total of $363,114 — that’s 36% more than 2014’s Artumnal Gathering! This will allow us to increase our grants to artists through our Global Art Grants program and our Civic Arts program to bring even more art to communities in 2016.

Just like in Black Rock City, there’s something about knowing that we’re all here out of a shared intent — in this case, our wish to give others the experience of incredible art with no strings attached. The vast majority of Artumnal guests will never see the projects Burning Man Arts supports — projects in small communities or far away countries — but we believe that everyone has the right to the experiences of creativity, expression, and community generated by public art.

Yes, Artumnal guests enjoy spectacular entertainment, but any guest will tell you that they are there to celebrate and support the unique and groundbreaking kind of art we see in Black Rock City, and to support its proliferation in other communities. Yes, folks dress to the nines (and how, this year!) but we do it because we know our own self-expression adds to the richness of our community. We know how to celebrate with intent.

We hope you were able to join us for this year’s event, and if not, hope to see you next year! In 2016 we move to a new, bigger venue. We love, love, love being at the Bently Reserve, and we thank them for their many years of gracious hosting, but it’s time to prioritize finding a space that can host as many people as would like to attend. The Artumnal Gathering always sells out, and we want to welcome everyone who would like to participate.

Once again, we are touched by the generosity and support of our community, and were delighted to see our supporters enjoying this wondrous evening. We could not host such a spectacular event without the generous contributions and participation of our circle of artists and performers. These artists donate their time and their artwork to the event. In addition, over 100 volunteers lend their efforts to make it all possible. The fabulousness of the Artumnal Gathering is truly a product of collaboration — of many hands, working together to create a gift for others.

Below is a list of the many talented artists who offered their work to the event. We extend our wholehearted thanks to these artists and to the supporters and guests of the Artumnal Gathering.

Event Photography

Performing artists

Wearable Art

Art installation & Live Art

Video Artistry


Flowers and Decor

  • Moxie, The Style Ranger, Marcia Crosby, Julz & Chris Van Duker, and $teven Ra$pa




Many Thanks to the Artumnal 2015 Host Committee

  • Fannie Allen & George Cogan
  • Christopher & Camille Bently
  • Sergey Brin
  • Dr. Beth Gadomski & Mr. Rich Porter
  • John Marx / Lost Poets Working Group
  • Eleanor & Bob Preger
  • Jackie & Joby Pritzker. J
  • Jen & Frances Rainin
  • Scott Struthers
  • Roger & Ruth Wu

Special thanks to our host and patron, The Bently Reserve, for their on-going support.



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