4 Comments on “Hundreds of Dusty Playa Bikes Ride Through Lithuania for Art Bike Invasion

  • Lee Myerhoff (Glitter) says:

    You make me even more proud to be a burner. What a wonderful way to use your expertise as a cultural anthropologist in service to other communities.
    A big shout out to you for extending Burnerness around the world.

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  • Goku says:

    worth to mention the most awesome SCUL pilots crew who came all the way from Boston/Artisan’s Asylum -www.scul.org

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  • eris says:

    There are some inaccuracies in your depiction of Lithuania – you don’t mention that what happened 25 years ago was Lithuania defecting from the Soviet Union, which annexed the country after WWII. It was the SOVIET government suppressing free speech.
    (My family came to the US to escape the Soviet regime.) Lithuanians have been doing creative things throughout their history!

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  • Erica Ignite Joy says:

    Love this story about what Burners are doing to bring more art, creative expression, community and gifting to the default world! What a beautiful way to repurpose moop and leave the world a better place. It is inspiring to hear how people are coming together in a fun and creative way to help others connect and recreate community after experiencing such oppression and hardship. What a fabulous example of the loving Burner spirit and how positive change can be facilitated organically! Thanks for sharing!

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