Year Two Update: Progress On Burning Man Project’s Sustainability Roadmap

Two years ago this week, Burning Man Project shared a 10-year Environmental Sustainability Roadmap. Our goals are to sustainably manage waste, be ecologically regenerative, and be carbon negative by 2030. We are thrilled to share our Year Two Sustainability Report Update on just how far we’ve come and what steps we’re taking next, and to inspire and excite you about the future of Black Rock City and the positive impact we all can have on the environment.

You can also check out our public “Year Two Update” call from July 16th, where various departments and visionaries shared information about where we are now, where we’re headed, and how YOU can help us get there.

In 2019 we set benchmarks for the first two years to measure and reduce impacts, consider offsets, and test pilot projects. We’ve not only started this work but accomplished even more, including a series of regenerative projects with Burners Without Borders. If you missed it, check out our 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap, and our Year One Report Update & video (published in the crazy year that was 2020).

We invite you to join us in a celebration of a whole lot of work done, share in the vision of a whole lot more work ahead, and get involved in mapping out the next steps of our collective vision for environmental sustainability.

Cover photo by Will Roger

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  • Christopher Hunt, Sr. says:

    Exciting! Joyful to announce my companies can make Burning Man carbon negative by 2023! Do you have sponsors for next Burning Man event?

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  • Julia says:

    One way we can become carbon neutral is to plant a redwood forest on the Moon and then connect it with tubes to the Earth so that the good air comes down and cancels out all the bad stuff, for the children.

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  • Seven says:

    Amazing! Burning Man is one of the best events in the world for the environment. Every year the desert is improved by the event, its delicate eco system enhanced and cleansed by the low carbon emissions. Hopefully the rest of the world can learn from the organizers and we should all campaign for a global carbon tax.

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